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  1. I was wondering if the smoke gimmick only makes smoke in your mouth, or if you could have smoke come from other places (for instance, vanishing a coin from your hand in a puff of smoke).
  2. The core effect here is the emergence of smoke from your mouth, but the applications are limitless. Within the DVD, we share a handful of other concepts and food for creative thought. For example, Steve Cohen suggested the concept of making a cold drink appear warm using the smoke generated. I've discussed applications with Cyril Takayama, Luis de Matos, Justin Kredible, and Chris Kenner - everyone has their own spin on how they would use this in their personal routines. It has endless applications with just a bit of thought.
  3. Yes, this should be really fun! I can't wait until it arrives. I'm really curious to see how the gimmick is packaged. I think I have a really good guess if anyone who has purchased it wants to PM me about my thoughts on it.
  4. It does come from your mouth, but as JB said with a bit of thought you have limitless applications with this. The applications shown on the DVD are really good. I have never been so excited to try something out until I got this. This is easy to use, practical, versatile and extremely fun to play around with. The gimmick is extremely cool and it comes with refills to last you a while. If James Bond needed a device to do this effect, this gimmick is probably what it would look like. I recommend this highly.
  5. Is there more than one gimmick in the box in case you misplace or damage it?
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    It comes with 4 refills in case you run out or damage them, lose them, etc. There is another item included with the package that's easily found. It would need just a small simple modification to get up and running with, should you need to replace it.
  7. can't wait to get it

    we should have a special thread for the people who bought smoke to brainstorm some ideas!!
  8. ^ I second that idea.

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