Smooth Operations Review

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  1. Here's my thoughts on the much anticipated Smooth Operations. :)

    Smooth Operations Review

    To start off, I should probably declare my amount of experience in the field of magic: at least a year into serious magic. Anyway, I may not be a professional magician, but I value good effects and sleights, and I can say Smooth Operations definitely delivers.

    The notes are presented in a sleek A4-sized booklet, printed on high quality glossy paper. In the teaching of each effect, pictures are positioned in a very logical manner that makes for easier understanding of the material. Instructions are very clear-cut, and there really isn't much room for confusion.

    As for the content, it contains just what it says on the trailer. Flourishes, ace productions, color changes, and a few cool routines.

    2 Flourishes: Repainted, Raccoon
    What can I say? These are flourishes I've been wanting to learn for a long time. Made famous by the Virtuoso Reintroduction video and Portable Playground, a lot of people will finally be able to get their hands on these. I'll be practicing these whenever I get the time.

    3 Color Changes: Inverse Impulse, Visa Switch, and Bob Change.
    Inverse Impulse is really one of those simple color changes that looks like real magic if you do it right. Visa Switch isn't that easy to get looking nice, but it looks quite worth the practice. As for Bob Change, it's something Kevin thought up to solve the problem of the differing card orientation before and after quite a few color changes. Some interesting insights right there.

    4 Ace Productions: Static 4, Pegasus, Fully Loaded, PCP
    The ace productions are top notch, I feel. Of all the productions I've seen so far, I love Pegasus the most. It has a very smooth flow to it, and I'm having a lot of fun practicing it. I also like Fully Loaded, which looks fantastic when it is done with a nice fluid movement. They're in the trailer, so you can see how they look.

    5 Routines: Punk'd, Long Division, Chaser, Collecters:Redux, and Conspiracy of Four
    I'm not going to give a detailed description of the routines, but they truly are interesting and unique. I'm sure everyone has already seen Punk'd and Collecters:Redux on Kevin's website. The rest of the effects are just as good. The sleights are taught very clearly so there should be no problems in following them.

    Scattered throughout the book is some hilarious 'filler' material presented in a deadpan, serious tone. I'm sure you guys will enjoy them.

    To conclude, all I can say is that Smooth Operations is just one of those things that not only serves as valuable reference material, but also doubles up as a work of art in itself. For its price it's very much worth getting, so buy it if you haven't already.
  2. I do like the material but i just hate all of the "filler" stuff. Seems like a waste of time but i'm sure there are people that will like it.

    The thing i love the most is the Visa Switch, so easy and looks so great. The effects are also worth every penny.
  3. is this ad hard as trilogy? On a scal from 1 to 10

    whats the difficulty??
  4. You have to admit they're aptly named, though :|

    -Kev, The Author
  5. Shouldn't really matter if it's difficult or not. You'll end up practicing it a lot anyways.
  6. Lol what are you talking about? I thought that Kev's blood marking system easily beat Daniel Madison's.

    Oh ya and it's a good way to see that Kev's a funny person, as well as being good at everything in existence.
  7. Indeed they are Kev.

    Don't worry i still love the whole thing and think it contains some wonderful effects.

    Right now i'm using Punk'd
  8. This has to be one of my favorite books. Just as an update, I can get about 1/4 of a liter out at will now. Still working on it!


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