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  1. Hey guys IO was just on db2 site and saw that they have a video coming out that has kevin ho in it.Does any one know if that will just be a video to watch or a vid that gives you flourishing toutorials?

  2. The vid will probally be the trailer for the upcoming notes by Kevin Ho called Smooth Operations and you will probally have the buy the notes to get the 2 flourishes on there called Repainted and Raccoon. There will also be magic, sleights, and utility moves.

  3. Ye. I can't wait June 9th. It's going o be a real cool thing. I don't know s it DVD or a book. BUt I know that it's going be a DAMN SMOTH and COOL!!! :)
  4. It's a book.
  5. the notes will be a hard copy set of notes which is supposed to be twice as thick as Sleightly Magical was from the bucks. the trailer will be to show some of the moves that are being taught in the notes by Kevin.

    i've seen Kevin do some of his effects on mebeam in the past and trust me when i say they are amazing.. i believe that the notes are going to be in a price range of about 25-30 (dont quote me on that last bit) .. but yeah .. i told kev i was going to get the notes back when he told me he was mearly THINKING of doing the notes.
  6. Actualy, I believe it will be a PDF. But I could be wrong.
  7. It's a hard copy booklet. I'm getting my copy from him personally when the Bucks send a shipment over.
  8. Believe guys when I tell you that some of the card work in the book is amazing. Like Cerberus, I've seen Kev perform some of this stuff online, even when it was first being developed. Back then, it was still amazing. I'll definitely be picking this up when it comes out.

  9. Hahaha all I can say is... it's scary because when you actually see this material live in action... it's a damn magical experience. It's beautiful to look at too because of how visual and flashy it can get, and it's the kinda flashiness that makes you go 'Damn this guy is professional', rather than 'Damn this guy has fast hands."

    There's a beautiful rhythm which spectators can vibe to in all of the know that feeling when you see him flourish? Think that, but with magic, and with patter.

    Kev has spent years smoothing these out and when he feels something is ready to be release, you can bet it is. Kev's magic is just crazily visual, has incredible flow and is very unpredictable.

    Get your wallets ready because I know they will be released pretty soon...

    -Huron Low, The Virts
  10. I've set aside the exact amount of money in SGD already for when it comes out, so my money is guaranteed his :D

  11. I was not expecting that... O well, either way I will be getting this, can't wait!
  12. I'm not very sure if there'll be a PDF version, but when he told me his pricing for the booklets he mentioned he'd get them only when D&D ship a set (of about 100 I think, but don't quote me) over here to Singapore. He did make it sound like a hard copy is the only option.
  13. Kev told me that it would ONLY be available in Hard Copy to slow down anyone that tries to pirate the notes online.
  14. HURON LOW, THNX for your comment about Kev's Smooth operations.
    Ye I know that KEv Ho is damn nice, smooth and fast. Just watch his Punk'd. It's so visual and so cool. I'm waiting Kev. And my wallet is going to reduce :)

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