Snap Change 'Clean-Up'

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Justin.Morris, Nov 13, 2008.

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    Hey all,

    I was practicing my snap change 'clean-up' on my lunch break, and thought I'd share some of the video. I love the sc, and I use it all the time, so I've been playing around with the 'clean-up' a bit.


    **edit: the trial with Jumbo Cards:
  2. holy crap, great work.

    looks clean to me
  3. super good! I just learned the change and have been trying to clean up. your change looked amazing though.
  4. That sir, is pretty dam cool!
  5. That looked very good! Nice job.
  6. excellent job your change and clean up looked absolutely fantastic:)
  7. hey thanks for the kind words.
  8. *Applaud*. Made my day man!
  9. WOW i bet if you submit this to the media section they will put it on
  10. WOW! :eek:

    that was ****ing SILLY-GOOD.
    nice work duder!

  11. That looks awesome. Both the change and the clean up were flawless.

  12. f-ing mind orgasmic.
    brilliant job.
  13. pretty neat, but it is still anlge sensitive :rolleyes:

  14. although it is angle sensitive - that was a beauty!! I just simply have trouble profecting the SC, would love to, it just does not like me :-/
  15. Ya the angles aren't any better, but it is still my favorite and most used color change to perform for people. Although with this clean up, it uses two hands which guards the angles form the sides, so you only have to worry about pointing the change at their eyes, which isn't that difficult.
    Thanks everyone!

  16. Yes it still shows up for me and it is AMAZING. And that cleanup is godly. I also liked how the card was held when the change was done. Great job!
  17. Very nice performance.
  18. Ausome! It's pretty obvious that you've been working on this for quite some time. Your hard work has paid off, my friend. Very nice. Good music too.
  19. Hey all,
    just messing around on the laptop webcam, trying this out with jumbo cards. Interesting turn out. Not great, but it has potential...

    Here's the original:

    Thanks, Justin

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