Snap Change Tricks

Oct 1, 2010
So I'm pretty new to magic and I recently started learning the snap change. I can do it but I really have no idea when to use it. Any suggestions for good tricks involving the snap change?


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Aug 14, 2010
If you want to do a quick trick, just do a Bluff Pass (if you don't know how is done, you can purchase it as a DL, but I would buy Biddle Trick instead, for the same price you learn a new trick...) and then... well I dont want to expose the Bluff P... You'll easily know what to do!
Remember that the Snap C. is just another color change, so almost any trick involving a Color Change can be done executing the Snap Change.
Dec 12, 2009
isnt a bluff pass wrong for a snap change he should control it to the top and do a dl and then the snap change

Yeah, this is true. If you want to change the card to the chosen card you should control it to the top of the deck, not to the second position. I would just do a double undercut etc to get it to the top, then do a double lift to show the incorrect card, and then snap for the revalation. Tbh the snap change is great on camera, but often impractical in real life performance. It has many angle issues and can be a pain to clean up at the end. I would recommend a different change such as the erdnase change, or shape shifter to be used in performance. Both of these are still highly visual but also have the advantage of being able to be be views at any angle and have super easy clean ups.
Feb 17, 2010
Moscow, Russia
If you want a good idea for a trick with a snap change, I recommend the Dan and Dave's Commercial 1on1. There are three points why I do so. Firstly, this variation of a Snap Change (which is called Click Change) is MUCH more angle proof, the clean up is very easy. Secondly, you get a nice force that will be your favourite if you put all your efforts in it. Thirdly, the price of this 1on1 is just 5 bucks. Enjoy!
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