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  1. I need help badly on addressing snap deal angles. Generally, I would say I'm very comfortable doing snap deal, but I have issues addressing my left and right sides. I do snap deal with my right hand, and so I'd say from the front to 45-60 deg to my right, I'm pretty safe. However, we all know that 20 deg left onwards you can actually see the card. My question is, how can you perform snap deal to both left and right audience? Do you shift them? Lets say its an impromptu performance

    Also, I have very big windows between my fingers, and you can actually see the cards through the gap. How can I fix that? Have been looking the mirror and adjusting the angle but it's getting unnatural
  2. YES, someone doing Lennart Green stuff. When it comes to doing snap deal with the laser deal performance the more people on the left determines where I place the deck. I know based on my experience the angles of a snap deal is like a tenki palm. So if someone is on my left I place the deck on their right side of the table. So when I snap deal it give me an excuse to turn to them. When that happens I tend to angle my hand so the knuckles of the hand with the palmed cards right in front of them like the point of an arrow; however, I never perform laser deal in a big crowed I tend to do it for a group of five people or less. Usually, I use the snap deal as a control using Lennarts bottom placement control since the action of placing cards ontop of the chosen cards allows you to get away with some minor flashing.

    Regarding to the windows I would need to see where your windows on your hands are to help you, if you can send me a picture either on here or on a one to one chat.

    I hope this helps. If you have any question on the snap deal or any other LG material DM me.
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  3. Hi Syd, thanks for the tips on shifting angles! My bigger concern is when executing the snap deal, people on the left side can see the cards are being kept and palmed. I've been thinking of shifting my body to face my left most person when i perform, but that leaves the right most person being able to see the corner edge of the card many times, and I'm always frustrated that I can't address all angles properly!! And once they know how it's done it spoils the entire illusion because most of my good sleights are based on snap deal. Sometimes even when the right most person doesn't see the flash, they know i am palming the card because it was pretty obvious the way they see my hand is angled, it covers pretty much that entire area i dealt the card, so they easily concluded that i held the cards after dealing. I hope I'm not accidentally revealing too much of the technique here, mods please look after this post!! I have some performances on instagram (@derekindle_96), maybe you could take a look and give me feedback on how i can make the movement smoother. I can't seem to get that right as well, it still feels rigid and doesn't look like a card dealing action at all. And especially with the stealing part hahaha
  4. While there are "best case scenarios" and ways to get by in less than best-case performances, there is also something to be said for NOT using a sleight that isn't optimal for your audience.

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