Snap Double Lift

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guo Sheng, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hi, I was wondering whether you guys know where would be a good source to learn this snap double lift. i kind of have picked this up from Daryl's ACR. But I don't know why I cannot do it perfectly well. It's like, when I snap, very frequently that the two cards don't align nicely. So most of the time, i am stuck with using my pinky to do the lifts. I believe i have followed most of the instructions in the ACR video, or maybe I have missed some subtlety? Do you guys happen to know the reason?

    thanks in advance. =)
  2. Art of Astonishment Vol. 3 by Paul Harris contains this flourish under the trick "P.H. Invisible Palm" I believe.

  3. Obsession by P.K. Son.. I learned Snap Double Lift from him.
  4. I learned the snap double from Daryl's ACR DVD. The instructions seemed complete to me. It did take me quite a bit of practice and work to get it perfect, DLs have the problem of being in the "basic" technique category. Some are, but some take a good amount of work to get down. Without seeing you perform the snap double my suggestion would be try to perform it with less tension.
  5. Are we talking about the Larry Jennings snap double? If so, it's on one of his Encyclopedia of Card Sleights dvds. Also try various finger pressures and positions.

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