SNC's are not fair

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  1. hey guys.
    before you block me or delete my account please read what i have to say.
    SNC's are held every Saturday and MOST(not all) of them are held for 2-3 hours(this is the not fair thing) those 2-3 hours in your time are normal but i some countries those 2-3 hours are from 3-5 AM so some people cant even got the chance to enter
    like i was really sad for this contest because im a really big fan of daniel madison and i didnt had the chance to win his deck
    so all i want you to do is make the SNC's a little bit longer.

    NOTE:i just woke up and its 7:41AM
  2. The problem with this is that there is virtually no way of hosting a global challenge without it dragging out over the course of several days. That of course would defeat the purpose of the Saturday Night Challenge. That being that it's a challenge that happens every Saturday night.

    Now the good thing is that this isn't a new idea Theory11 does. You know when to expect the challenge to post, so you just have to adjust for the time zone. That being said if you really REALLY need to compete for a few decks of cards, or what ever the prize is then you just need to make sure you're online in time to participate. If that means it happens at 5 am your time... then that's just your cost of admission.

    Sometimes there just may be a SNC you are unable to participate in. That happens. I've missed out on some good SNC's because of work and I'm only 3 hours behind them. Sometimes they even host SNC's on material, like cardistry, that I suck at! I can't participate because I don't do cardistry. Doesn't mean that it's not fair. Just means that it's always next time.

    Sadly there isn't really a convienant way to do this for people in other countries. It just kind of is what it is.
  3. There are some contest that have a 24hr. window, but for something like
    tonight's contest not matter what time you put it it will make it very difficult for
    someone else, all i can say is just be thankful that theory 11 has these contest
    and when they do have one were there is 24hr. window take advantage of it.
    and they do have them quite often.
  4. i know but they can make longer a little bit, right?
  5. i know thats why i said most(not all)
  6. And keep in mind for something like tonight there are only a certain number of possibility's to choose from
    so to go lets say 24hr. or longer just does not make sense.
  7. waaaahhh, i don't get free things and other people do. WAAAHHHHHH. SNC's are a bonus that is in no way an obligation of the T11 team. The fact that they do them at all is a kind gesture at best (and good marketing). So perhaps instead of trying to dictate the terms of the world to what suits you best, maybe understand that the team is based in Las Vegas and that the hours that work best for them are the only ones that make sense.
  8. im not saying that they should make it like i want to but they can fix it by letting the contest last for about 5 hours maybe
  9. In just 3 hours the contest thread grew to 18 pages. Any longer and it would become redundant for this type of contest.
  10. i dont know what to say on that
  11. Life is unfair. If you want to enter then set an alarm and wake up for it.
  12. I know but its still unfair
  13. Oh boohoohoo.

    Every time this topic appears, which seems to be every fortnight, it always ends the same way - be grateful and just suck it up.

    T11 doesn't have to hold these contests and if you want to enter, like any other contest, take it upon yourself and make up your own time to enter. There's simply no way to cater to every timezone in the world and make it 'fair'.

    The SNC's usually finish at 4am where I am, yet a few times I've still managed to be the first post. If you want to enter, make the effort to. What happened to being grateful...
  14. I feel the need to post this classic bit of advice, it doesn't say exactly the right thing, but it works.

  15. Theory11's largest demographic is within North America, which is why they host contests at the times they do... so the majority can participate. They're not going to please everyone.

    If you don't like it, there are contests EVERYWHERE. Find those.
  16. Maybe they should do a "Saturdar Morning Contest"...or a Sunday Morning Contest....sometime should be good...
  17. i think that you should be grateful that they even have these contests to give away free things
  18. Imagine that Theory11 was a brick and mortar shop based out of New York city, that required all applicants to their Saturday Night Contests to submit their entrees directly, in person, to the store. Because it is a brick and mortar shop, this would make sense, and most likely, not be deemed "unfair".

    Well, theory 11 is not a brick and mortar shop, but it is based out of New York, and that is why the times are done Eastern Standard Time. This is not exactly ideal for pleasing all customers, but not considered unfair, in the fact that the company is still based out of New York.

    The big difference is that the submissions can be made online! Again, the time zone differences do not make the competition times ideal for everyone, but it does at leas give everyone a chance, if they so wish to participate! For some of us, we may have to wake up in the middle of the night for an hour or two. Heck, if the prize means that much to you, then go for it right?
  19. Maybe this "unfairnes" can be turn in an opportunity for T11 as well. I like the answer from Luis Vega. Too many people and business tend to think like: well, the custumer know what we sell and how we sell it, they can deal with it if they are not ahppy. In some case, I totally agree that the business cannot "change it way" to every customer. BUT, if a portion of their customer ask something that doesn't require a lot and can bring some loyality and business, why not? The idea here is: do theory11 want to change some of the rule? Do they want to sometime accomodate some of their global customer? Or maybe someone in the T11 team will take the lead and make a special contest for them, a little like Zach muller with his Exposé contest (or maybe insinder contest before). If the customer doens't ask for it, it will never be granted, but if the demand is here and T11 make the first move before the other major player in the business, they will ripe the benefits before them too. So basically it's up to T11, will they continu to make their contest like they do now (and we should like many people here be gratefull for this) or will they incorporate sometime a little contest for everyone? Also, maybe if the OP, when this kind of post happen, make some suggestion (like the 5 hours window), T11 will grab some of those ideas and modify some of their contest.
  20. Competitions run out of the goodness of their hearts and giving free stuff away isn't an opportunity for T11, it's them giving us, it's customers a chance at getting some freebies while having fun.

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