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  1. Hey Guys!

    Spidey here! I just wanted to write a few words concerning my excitement about "Sneak Peek." I am very happy that those of you who already have it are enjoying it quite a bit but I want to shed some light on a few things for those who don't have it yet.

    As many of you already know I am obsessed with mentalism, particularly with anything that feels or seems real. Billet peeking is a technique that is as old as time! Corinda and Annemann wrote about it in their works and psychics and mediums have used them for centuries to reveal people's thoughts. Millard Longman arguably made the biggest contribution to peeking when he released his Acidus Novus peek (popularized by Al Mann) and in some ways that MIGHT be where it all began for Sneak Peek as in both cases the information is written on the same corner. But as good as some of these peeks may be, none of them did it for me!

    Years ago, I came to a realization which became a fundamental belief for me in my work. Laymen don't always know how you're doing it, but often; they know what is being done. They might not know that you used the classic pass followed by a Vernon double followed by a Marlo move but they KNOW that the card trick was done with sleight of hand. To truly fool them is to remove all doubt that the most likely method, is incorrect. with billet peeking I have always felt like after the revelation they might think "ok... well... he must have seen it." I wanted to remove any shadow of a doubt that that is possible. Enter Sneak Peek!

    With Sneak Peek, my goal was to create a peek where you can have your head turned away until the billet is inside your closed fist, this sets the spectators mind at ease. I mean after all it is IMPOSSIBLE to see through your hand AND the paper! (or is it? ;) ) so when your turn your head and show the closed fist, you are just stressing fairness. And that's when it all happens. I love this because it's happening as you are telling them that it isn't!

    The other thing I love is that unlike other peeks where you need to find a moment to look down, with this one; it's both justified to look down (since you are showing that it is in your fist) AND it's OKAY that you are looking down (because in their mind, there is a fist in your way, they are not as suspicious.)

    So for me, the psychological design of the method is great! It is the ONLY peek I have been using since I created it and I subconsciously chuckle in my mind every time I use it.

    I hope that you guys find as much use for it as I have over the years! OH! and phone numbers too... I hope it brings you phone numbers! Coz let's get real, nobody can resist a mind reader! :D

    Thanks guys!
  2. isn't it kind of unfair that a bunch of us bought it for like ten bucks and the new one is only like 6?
  3. Hey Purple Mustache,

    Im sorry you feel this way. However the old version on the Wire had two effects on it, my peek and Connexion: one of my favourite close up routines, which we will at some point release separately ALSO for 7$, so really, you SAVED a couple of dollars. :)

    I hope you found something you enjoy in the download nonetheless !

  4. Really beautiful, powerful technique. Sneak Peek is one of those methods that you will learn and be able to execute at a moment's notice. Impromptu. For those times when you have NOTHING on you - no cards, no coins, no gimmicks - nothing. This is it. With any piece of paper, and any pen, you'll be able to perform a miracle that is interactive and intimate, simple and fair. I cannot recommend it enough.
  5. This is great. I love utility moves that have as much potential as Sneak Peek. You can either do the base presentation, use it exactly as described OR come up with a million other ideas that use this technique as a stepping stone. We should make an official name for moves like that - "Sorcery Enablers"? "Wizardry"? Hah, whichever works for you Spidey, I'm down for both!
  6. lol... i want to call them "a step closer to being like Andrei" moves :D ... lol thanks for the props dude!

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