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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JustinWay13, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. For the army soon. I really don't want to lose my interest in magic. I'm kinda scared I might lose my interest. Anything like this or similar happen to any of you?
  2. can't you bring your magic to the army?
  3. If your really passionate about it,you wont lose your interest in it.
    Just think of it as a hiatus.
  4. I feel u man, but don't worry the army won't do it to you. Have I told you the story during shake down and they found a deck of cards in my bag? You have no idea what they did to me and my deck of cards, but at least they told me to do a quick flourish and I did lethal X; good time good time. To end this, they army wont push you away form your pasion; after all, thier mission is to make better citizen for america.
  5. They saw a deck of cards and assumed you to know manipulations instead of just being a guy who likes to play cards?
  6. he asked me y I have a deck of playing cards and it wasn't from the packing list. I told him that I do magic, and then he went off saying god knows what; finally, he told me that I better be a good magician and show him something better be good and the only thing came to my mind is lethal X, so I did it.

    That is the full detail story, the other version is I tried to shorten it that's prop y you didn't understand it the 1st time.
  7. Ok gotcha.It was hard to understand cause of your writing.
    So he asked you to do magic and you did a packet display?Haha
  8. Justin, just bring your magic to the army, i have no experience for the army but from what shinichikudo992000 said, you should be ok, just do your magic when you are bored or loney, magic is something that cannot leave you.
  9. yup and they still taken the deck away from me, I was sad.
  10. after basic training, you can do wutever you want but dont be an idiot like me who die hard for the art and bring the cards with you during the basic training.

    btw, when you say army u mean the army or you mean Military?
    Cause I'm Air Force.
  11. Dude I think I might be...homework has hit me harder than ever this year and I have other interests as well. Just go witht he flow and see how life handles it. I don't want to but I may until I have more time to practice and learn more about it. There are tons of stories where people went away but found their way back to magic years later. So the moral of my little monologue: don't worry about it man, if you truly like it it will probably come back to you even if you happen to give it up for awhile!
  12. Justin,

    A lot of the replies so far haven't been made from experience. I can personally reassure you that you (and your magic) will be fine in the military. I just PMed you with more information regarding my own background. If you want to know more, feel free to get at me.

  13. lol, you realise that's not magic, right? :p
  14. I am joining the ARMY and I think I will leave the deck of cards at home haha. My brother said it was about 2 months basic and then another 2 to 3 for AIT depending on the job I get.
  15. why do you want to join the army anyway? any benefit more than making $$ in the society?
  16. It i one of the best options open for me right now. I really want to go mostly because my brother says I would be good at it and I think It would be nice to serve for this country.
  17. have you been in any JROTC or ROTC?

    and can you take BS? Cause I really sucked at it, but if you can handle it nicely you will have a bright future in the military.
  18. I can handle being yelled at and cussed at. I just think of it as bettering myself when I don't yell back. I went in to a military type school but got sick and basically got kicked out. My brother supports me and tells me that I will have so much fun
  19. I can handle yelling and stuff, I lived with that for 3 yr in JROTC. The only thing I can never handle is being accused for doing something that I didn't do and get demoted from it.

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