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  1. I'm just like my name implies. I have only been practicing magic for about a year, and I just bought Dan and Dave's Trilogy and I realized I'm way in over my head. I'm left handed and apparently I've learned everything right handed. Because in the trick "twinsplit remix" I simply cannot do the snap change required in my right hand. I tried it in my left and of course its nowhere near perfect but I can atleast get it good enough to practice... have I totally screwed up myself? In order to fix that to where that trick would work I'd have to hold the cards in my right hand which I cannot do, I'm already used to holding them in my left...

    it's hard to explain sorry if that dont make sense but i think ive wasted a year and ruined my shot at getting good.
  2. Are you able to switch the deck over to your right hand halfway through the effect? If not, can you modify the effect to where it's possible to do so?
  3. I'm not sure... I hold the deck in my left hand, hold pinky breaks, do double undercuts, false cuts, everything like that in my left hand. but when for instance, i dribble or something, i do it in my left hand as well instead of my right. is it possible through practice to be able to do it just the same as a right hander? or am I gonna have to relearn how to do the pure basics stuff in my right hand?
  4. you know, John Carney has some interesting thoughts on handing a deck opposite of what ones dominant writing hand is. I believe it's on his Carney on Palming DVD. John is right handed, but handles the deck as a lefty. I'd have to dig it out, but he has some valid philosophy how it can actually improve your magic.
    The Trilogy isn't for the faint of master some of those I had to re-learn some (fundamental) technique and break some bad'll come...and it's worth it.
  5. You can learn everything as a right hander. It is just going to take time. I can remember feeling so unnatural holding the deck with my left hand and trying to hold breaks, but I eventually got used to it and now I can not fathom doing it the opposite way. If I were you, I would just push through it and keep trying. It will eventually start to click as your hands adjust to their roles. Keep it up!
  6. If I were you, I'd swap hands asap.
    I'm left handed, and I hold the deck in my right hand. Best decision I ever made.
  7. You can never ruin your shot at getting good. Granted, you may never be great, but practise sure helps.

    Don't think that there's a window in your young years where you have to be great - this isn't an olympic sport.

  8. aaron fisher is left handed but he handles cards with his right hand. It can be done!
  9. yea, you just havta train yourself, its easier the second time.
    like with almost anything, if you can do it right handed well enough, then you can learn it left handed, but it'll be quicker. cause you already know what to do.
  10. Well thats weird... because if you are left handed shouldnt you hold the cards in your right? Just wondering because i am right handed and hold them in my left... I guess its just what ever floats you boat.
  11. look, if you can't do it now...take a break, go into something else...learn it...and come back wih a redidcated effort and try it ...i'll play the role of iverson...practice...we talkin bout practice....yeah do as much practice until you get it down if not, do what works for you.....not every magician is capable of everything....beleive it or not....
  12. practice.. I am a lefty too..

    Southpaws ftw =D
  13. i kind of have the same problem, i am right handed, but i learned al the moves like a lefty.
    it makes it kind of hard to learn from magic dvds because you always have to do the opposite

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