So I'm in Las Vegas... and I have some questions.

Hey guys. Hopefull those who have visited Vegas or live in Vegas can help me out.

I'm currently in Las Vegas for my Christmas vacation. I was wondering, does the Jerry's Nugget casino have a gift shop that sells NEW playing cards? (Not the ones that are marked and cut on the edges.) I saw some faded edge Jerry's on eBay and would love to buy a few decks of them.

And about the Gambler's General Store, I've been on their website and they have very few variety of cards for sale. (Just Bikes, Bees, etc.) Do they have a more variety of playing cards IN store?

Thanks guys!
Yes. Jerry's nuggets have a gift shop and I don't think they are not going to sell it in mint condition, because of cheating in game tables. You're best bet is to speak with the manager who is in charge of the supply of cards. Tell them that you wanted one.
Dec 19, 2009
The Jerry's Nugget cards that everyone wants and are supposedly the best eva in the whole wide world, aren't made anymore. Haven't been made for years. Won't be in the gift shop, if that's why you're trying to get there. You'll get their current cards with the cut corners like any other casino card.

Definitely check out Gamblers, they've got good prices and some fun stuff.
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