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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by ChristopherR2, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Looking for some Social Media Cardistry Inspiration.

    Who are the names within Cardistry scene that I should be following?

    Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Twitter.

    Any links that you can provide is greatly appreciated!
  2. My question is this: considering how hung ho you are with doing cardistry, what's the inspiration for?

    You're on the right path, just keep paving your road!
  3. I just love and get lost in watching these amazing artists at work. Plus it pushes me harder to improve upon my own game.
  4. Hmm. Only video I can think of is 'Odd Man Out'.

    Look that up and gaze upon its glory!

    Oh! And 'CARD' by Ryan Bang. That was recommended to me by Ian Chandler.
    The video has great moves and the video is brilliant and well made.
  5. Zach Mueller posts some neat cardistry stuff on instagram. You can find him @zachmonky.
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  7. I saw that video! Coolest thing ever! Thank you for all that you do and I'm absolutely loving Genesis V1!
  8. You asked me what my bigger cardistry goals were? Answer...For me to create my own cardistry video that's on par with 'CARD' by Ryan Bang.
  9. Thanks for the share. Zach is hilarious!
  10. As far as the aesthetics go for the video, I can tell you what to look for when making your own video
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  11. What about you my friend! Do you have anything online that I can watch?
  12. I'm making my first video later in the year. I've been trying to learn and polish up 8 moves to do the darn thing since January.
    But man. It took me 2 months to settle on the music and I THINK I finally have solidified the movelist that's been constantly shifting around since January.
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  13. Follow the Scandinavian crew. Tobias, Oliver and Nikolaj are all necessary follows.
    More off the top of my head: Chase Duncan, Max Galarce, Patrick Varnavas, Birger, etc.
    Just look at the Cardistry Con headliners and follow all of them.
  14. Thanks! I'll definitely check the Con out.

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