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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WongMagic, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. In the future I strive to perform both on the street and on stage. My plan was to start doing short, visual effects (Colour Changes etc.) on platforms such as Instagram thus building a small fan base. I could then progress on to making a 'mini' street magic series on Youtube (A good example of this is: ). Is this a bad idea or not?
  2. Hey dude. Yeah, this is an awesome idea. A lot of people do this. I suggest going out and performing once you've got a set practiced and have the patter to go along. I'm not sure how long you've been doing this, but I see a lot of people just starting out only performing for the webcam. The more you perform for actual laymen, the better you will get. I promise you that. But making videos for Instagram, facebook. Etc. is not a bad thing to do. Just helps to get your some people to know ya.
  3. Thanks for the wise words mate. I am not a beginner, I am more around the intermediate level but since I am quite young (14) I don't think people will take me seriously and trust me I do practice ALOT. You always get these people who don't know much about card magic at all, then buy a trick and think that they are a magician. They then go off to youtube and post a video which is performed terribly and exposes the effect.
  4. There's not a ton of money in it so it's definitely a labor of love. I have had a successful You Tube channel and have worked with some of the most successful magicians on social media as well. Even the best usually have another job. Creating good content is tough and needed! Best of luck

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