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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by ThePaladin26, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. So...I have an Instagram profile based on magic. I have been looking for some stuff that is made to be performed just on know something like Chris Ramsay posted on his channel a while back... something like The Exchange by Felix Bodden on Sans Minds Magic... something that has a high visual impact and will look great on camera. I would love to hear what other effects are out hit me up if you have something:)
  2. Colour changes work great for the camera.

    Since the time allowed to you is small, honestly, there's no time for a story-focussed performance. You can come up with something genius, of course, but online audience (where the performance time is about 15-30 seconds) usually forgives non-emotional-or-non-adam-weiss-kind of magic.
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  3. I've done colour a lot of them...done flap cards can check out my profile...@sahilbhambure52

    Could you maybe suggest some effects?
  4. You're doing great. Continue please :)

    The only thing, which you've definitely caught on by now, is to make the videos shorter. For example, I watched the latest upload of yours twice, but could only watch a few seconds of your first video, know why?

    Because I'm a typical-teenage with a very short attention-span XD
    And unfortunately, for everybody (even me) typical teenagers are ruling social media.
  5. Yeah even I realized that after a while and stopped posting videos more than 30 secs long
  6. Black art stuff seems pretty popular on IG

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