Society of American Magicians' online assembly

Apr 17, 2013
The Society of American Magicians has an online assembly. It had been up and running for a year now and is free for all members of the S.A.M.. Over the last years live lectures have been presented from Dan Harlan, Franz Harary, Danny Orleans, Michael C. DeSchalit, Jamie D. Grant, David Corsaro, Bruce Kalver and Shawn Farquhar. Each of the past lectures are also available as VoD on the S.A.M.'s website

The nest meeting will be Sunday September 17, 7:30 eastern and feature a lecture from Will Fern. For those not familiar Will and his work, Will is an award winning and working magician in the New York City market. Magicians around the world sing the praises of his slight of hand and his ability to entertain both the lay and magician audience. He also has a highly review DVD set, Bring It, from the Black Rabbit magic series.

So if you are a member of the S.A.M. hope to see you there. If not, you can join the S.A.M. by going to

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