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  1. Hey guys,

    I haven't really made any purchases in a while. (Don't worry this isn't a tell me what to buy thread. Well not completely.) I'm just looking for suggestions from you guys for solid, multiple effect card DVDs/books. Just to add some new stuff to my repertoire, non gimmicked stuff. I'm an intermediate card handler, been doing magic a few years, I know all the essential stuff and I have most of it. Just looking for something new

  2. A few books that come to mind:
    The Magic of Fred Robbinson
    Andrew Wimhurst Material: Down Under Deals/Cardistry of Andrew Wimhurst
    James Swain Material
    Martin Nashs Award Winning Card Magic is great.
    Cant go wrong with Marlo material
    Nick Trost material

    Kind regards,

  3. Brainstorm by John Guastaferro

    Avenue by Dorian Rhondell
  4. 52 Memories - Jack Parker
    One Degree - John Guastaferro
    High Spots - Caleb Wiles
    Card Fictions - Pit Hartling
    D Lecture Notes - Howard Hamburg
    Carneycopia- John Carney (not just cards but great)
    TOOC - CK

    Many more. Pretty much one of the best websites to find a good magic book is
  5. I recommend this about as often as people throw out Erdnase... except this fits the catagory more often than those random erdnase recommendations.

    Paul Harris - Art of Astonishment.

    other than that.... I love Card Magic of Le Paul...
  6. _Smoke and Mirrors, John Bannon
    _Impossibilia, John Bannon
    _Dear Mr. Fantasy, John Bannon
    _Bullets after dark, John Bannon

    No, John Bannon isn't my god xD

    Seriously, his material is just great, you'll have tons of tricks completely new, subtle concepts, brillant thinking and clever ideas.

    You can take a look too on Earl Nelson stuff, or Lennart Green, David Williamson, Aldo Colombini, Simon Aronson, Joshua Jay,...

    The coice is yours !
  7. Above The Fold by Rich Aviles
    High Spots by Caleb Wiles

    Two newer works that have workable material, at an affordable price. Vanishing Inc published them both.
  8. I'll second the Bannon recommendations. Also, I second John Guastaferro's One Degree, Paper Engine and AoA. All great books. I'll add to the list Stars of Magic. This has the original Ambitious Card, Triumph, Cutting the Aces, Travelers, and Homing Card routines. Its a great book.
  9. Surprised no-one's mentioned Vernon.
  10. cerca trova. period.
  11. Books
    Aaron Fisher's Paper Engine....practical sleights. I use over 1/2 the moves taught in that book on a day to day basis.

    Lee Asher's Booklet series...tons of gems in there!

    Erdnase....of course!

    By Forces Unseen....rediculously complex(therefore FUN) moves and routines at the front of the book and some totally bichen gambling demos in the back.


    Ackerman card control series
    Darwin Ortiz "Card Shark" series ($25.00 over at penguin!)
    Jason England's "Foundations" DVD is great....looking forward to another installment.
  12. A few books I have enjoyed lately:
    Route 52 by Steve Reynolds
    52 Memories by Jack Parker
    Dexterity Manual by Justin Higham
    Reflection by Bill Goodwin
    Darwin Ortiz stuff is always awesome
    And I've heard really good stuff about the Classic Magic of Micheal Vincent
  13. Tell me about Route 52? I've always been curious, but being a mentalist these days, I have more appropriate things to spend money on... But it'd be pretty high on my wants list if I was doing that stuff. I loved 52 Memories.

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