Some Footage of my Clipshift

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Vestone, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    i made a little Video showing my Clipshift after Month of Practice. What do you think about?
    I hope you enjoy it:

    Cheers, David
  2. Its pretty good for a month of practice. ;)

    I would say, however, that when you shake for the clipshift, it should be a consistent shake. You tend to shake the deck, then pause for a moment, then shake again. It destroys the rhythm of the change.

    And as for the Carnahan fan, only one finger should be on top of the fan, not three. xD
  3. Like I said back at dananddave website. Impressive.
  4. Some of the more unnatural looking Clipshifts I've seen performed. Not bad for a month.
  5. You need more practice - hand positions are kind of forced and unnatural. Alright for one month but that doesn't really mean a thing.

    on the side note...
    Why are people still putting up videos like this,
    This is on the same level as a "watch my pass" video.
  6. And as mundane as putting up a bad double lift video. Some people would like to think people care more than they do.
  7. Only watched it cause Prae mentioned your carnahan. It didnt fail to amuse. =D
  8. Or, he could be trying to get feed back. Constructive criticism is a wonderful thing, much better than insults, or pessimistic views.

    As for the Clipshift, like everyone said, just get it a bit more naturally. Good job for only a month though!
  9. Wow. That's is pretty impressive.
    I need to work on mine now. 'Nuff watching.


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