Some inspiration for those who think outside the box

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ben Long, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. I stumbled upon this a little while ago. Can't stop looking at this stuff. Some amazing thinking going on here. Makes me really just want to create something amazing myself.

    ALSO: If you ever have trouble becoming inspired, I urge you to get "stumbleupon." So many cool things and ideas.
  2. That are really cool, thanks for sharing!
    I liked the M&M ones, don't know why but they were cool :p
  3. I thought the whole "shattered" series was really good.
  4. stumbleupon = timekiller... but it is awesome! thanks for the link!
  5. Ah yes, Behance is wonderful =)
  6. Those were some interesting photos. :)

  7. What I really think is great about it is the fact that the person thinks of something new every day. It's something I try to do myself in magic. To think of at least one idea for a sleight, trick, flourish, or presentation per day.
  8. Haha brilliant pulling the tool bar off the screen was priceless i loved it.
    The one with the paper and the red a blue thread.

    burt and ernie making out while cookie monster watches haha that made no sense until i looked again.
  9. That's really awesome. Lots of bizarre pics but it has got me thinking about how I could apply it to magic. Loved the "shattered" stuff.
  10. I know, right? It's a pretty convincing illusion. Gave me a good idea for an effect.
  11. Nice

    Thanks for the link
  12. I could totally see that.

    "Select a card"

    *3 of diamonds*

    "Check it out. That's a solid piece of paper right?"


    'A lot of people don't know that you can actually break playing cards. I'll show you what I mean."

    *Magician throws card at table*

    Spectator: "WTF!?"

    hahaha awesomeness
  13. I'm actually working on something just like that right now, only a little less visual. In one of the David Blaine specials, there's a trick where he actually does drop a card and it shatters.
  14. Haha yeah. Cool. Is there a video of it somewhere?
  15. Maddness.


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