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    Look at what I found when looking through the UMC website.

    Due to some thoughts about secrecy, I decided not to share it but I will leave a hint or two....

    Always repeat changes had if voicing enters into time.

    If you discovered the meaning behind the previous clue, take out into time and add "Two bar rag."
  2. Thanks alot this is cool Iv always had the same style in magic as they do so I guess Ill try it out and see if I get selected :D
  3. I don't think d+M and company would appreciate this.
    It is "underground" you know. Maybe you could edit your post?
  4. haha

    I remember when these pages were available. Oh, and when they released the application form. The good 'ol days!

  5. I will edit it. But I will leave hints on how to get it. But not big ones.
  6. You will disrupt the Universe itself for revealing the secrets of the Underground.
  7. i know i soud like a noob but...
    Whats UMC?

  8. Nobody really knows. It stands for underground magic community. It was started by Daniel Madison and is currently used for him mentoring other magicians who get accepted into the UMC.
  9. excuse me but I dont remember the link to the umc website, and google doesnt either can you tell me just the website please?

    Edit: ??
  10. Yes that is the site. But you need more than just that site to get the secret pages....
  11. What was the point of editing the pages out of your post? All of those pages were publicly accessible at one point or another. The 'method' you used to find them is also accessbile by anyone. I don't think that it is really that big of a deal as it isn't exposing anything...
  12. wow now I'm obsessed over a website. Instead of thinking about making a new routine, I'm here on the computer thinking to myself "WHERE IS IT!?"

    Well, to who ever finds it, good luck and I hope it was worth the work
  13. I'm guessing you gave out valueble information on the
    UMC why did you get kicked out or something to talk about them
    cuz right there you break a few rules guy
  14. Haha the rules are funny.

  15. Why is there now only a few numbers on the website? (2354 356453 4324543653 56 65364 098785843289758724 5819 24853)

    I can't figure out the code ! ARGH

  16. It's all a bit cult-like.
  17. lol, a bit? They are more secretive than the CIA!
  18. do you know them?
    or how to get them?
  19. Yeah, you should be able to figure out how to get to the other one by clicking on the link I posted above though. But, the secret to how to get it is in the address bar.

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