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  1. So, I recently ordered a magic set... This one to be exact...

    So... It has several tricks, props etc... One of those is an empty paint can... and paint... The paint is concealed in some paper... And the paper says that the paint is non toxic... I do not exactly know how this trick works... can someone explain... is the paint real? Why is it non toxic? Etc etc?
  2. Does it not have instructions??
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  3. It appears to come with instructions and a DVD. Watch them. I suspect from the description on the back of the box the paint can is a lota vase.
  4. Take the risk.
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  5. The kit is made for kids. The paint is non toxic so that young kids dont accidentally ingest it and get sick. Any sort of liquid (slime, gel, etc.) included in kids toys has to be non toxic.
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  6. More like it's supposed to be non-toxic. Recalls do happen.
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