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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnthonyL, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Hey all,

    I putting together a formal close up show that i plan an auditioning at the Magic Castle (eventually).
    But at the moment there's way to much card stuff, So I'm looking for non card, non coin tricks that are (or can be turned into) several minute routine.

    Thanks and much appreciated!

    P.S I already have a bill routine in my show.
  2. Do you do anything with finger rings? After cards, it's my favourite area for close-up.
  3. i've done some stuff but generally i find people aren't very impressed by it.
  4. Hey Anthony,

    first of all this process will take you years.

    1. First you should define your character!

    2. You should look at tricks you like and modify them to your character!

    3. You should pay as often as you can!
  5. For starters I've seen Ring routines that totally astound audiences but it's more due to the performer, their personality and the character they bring to the table. If the reactions you get are weak then look at how you present the material and how you interact with your audience -- how do you draw them into the story that you use in your presentation.

    When it comes to routines that have a bit more longevity to them my first suggestion will always be the Cups & Balls and if you'd like, using a combo set that has a chop cup included so that you can do a short Chop Cup add-on to the classic routine. I know my routine runs about 5 minutes which is really about all you really want to push with any one effect.

    Sounds like you need to flesh out your knowledge of magic given the limitations you're placing on yourself. You may want to look into books & videos that deal with improvisation and bar magic routines. Stevens Magic used to have a fairly large stock of such material and I'm certain if you were to contact them they could help you out.
  6. I like the idea of a chop cup going into a cups and balls but how do you keep it from getting repetitive?

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