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  1. Hi i have used a couple of songs for my card video's but what make's a good video isnt just the preformence and style its also the music here's a list ive been using

    1: Bring Me To Life Evanesceance (Cant spell it)
    2: Its A Man's World (James Brown)
    3: Pulp Fiction Theme (Dick Dale)
    4: Shape Of My Heart (Sting)
    5: Desperado (The Eagels)

    and i was wondering do you have any suggestions please because i really want to start making the video's again bu i cant unless i have a large selection's of good songs thanks
  2. Look up Two Steps From Hell and X-Ray Dog. They make music for movies. I don't know if they offer their music for download, however.

    Some good songs for flourishing are:
    -Anything by Cake
    -Same Thing We Do Everyday Pinky by Broadway
    -Classical music
    -Iron & Wine
    -Chiodos/Circa Survive

    Good luck!

  3. - dana hocking (made the most music for the theory11 videos)
    - Prodigy - firestarter (in instrumental maybe)
    - prodigy- first warning ( is used in the video of the virts, reintroduction i think its called)
    - sonic mayhem - Descent Into Cerberon ( or some other songs)
    - DJ shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt ( braint tudor - genration X!!)
  4. here are some im saving for my video's but i guess i can let them out. there are two real Jem's in there

    Thunder by Nuttin 'but' Stringz
    Airplanes by B.o.B and Hayley Williams
    The Bird and the Worm(instrumental) by The Used
    and Down by Jay Sean and Lil Wayne.
  5. Yep, check the link in my signature!
  6. Emanipator - Old Devil ; Anthem ; Safe in the steep cliffs
    Massive Attack - Teardrop
    Ratatat - Shempi
    Rob Dougan - Chateau ; Furious Angels
    Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
    Gorillaz - Gleeter Freeze

    Check out too the soundtracks of "The Dark Knight" and "Ocean's eleven"

    Hope this helps !
  7. The Dark Knight ones are perfect i need one's simmilair to that thanks ;)

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