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  1. How many of you ever have this happen. You are recording a video or showing someone a new color change that you learned and you end up changing a 4 of spades into a 4 of clubs or any 2 cards of the same value and color and they look at you as if to say what the f**k just happened, you didnt do anything. I have it happen to me quite regularly and sometimes i just turn the deck over and flip through to see how many cards of the same color and value are next to each other, its unbelievable because there are usually about 7 or 8. Everyone just grab a deck right now and count and post what you get.

    I only have 3 this time which means a good day for me.
  2. I have none. If you shuffle alot it won't happen as much.

    But I do hate when that happends.
  3. Well technically it is as just as likely to happen no matter how much you shuffle. In fact if you dont have any or very few like that then it is quite likely to increase the chances that you have more
  4. My current care factor upon reading this is smaller than a midget.
  5. why bother posting something like that. keep that kind of stuff to yourself and more people will like you.
  6. This is why you should pay attention in school kids....

    Maybe we should put the cards down and pay attention in math class a bit more eh?
  7. what i do is i cut the deck and do it one more time :) but if you use a color change to change to their card they will be see a change :)
  8. I agree with praetoritevong; if this is your only problem in magic, then I think you should be able to cope. This is the equivalent of saying: "Don't you hate it when you don't completely take of the sticker, and it sticks to the cards; oh MAN does that bug me!". Honestly, a really mindnumbingly pointless comment in my opinion.
  9. Look its not a comment and it is not to say that its my only problem. Its an observation. So for those of you that obviously dont completely understand the statistical value in the observation why dont just refrain from commenting all together especially if its going to be belligerent. The fact that this thread doesnt hold any value to you is irrelevant and is even more of a wasted comment then what you are actually commenting on becuase NO ONE CARES. The fact that you think your opinion is highly regarded enough to leave such a comment suggests that you are conceited and overbearing. If you dont like it then DONT READ IT and keep it to yourself.
  10. I was interested in his opinion. I also agree with his opinion. Don't ask people not to post a comment because you disagree with it, otherwise why make a new thread?
    freaking hilarious.

    if your audience looks at you like "wtf are you doing?"
    then obviously they werent paying attention in the first place...
    I have had that happen many times and changing similiar cards is just as strong...
    "is it this card?"
    "close as in... what way... like.."
    "This is the three of clubs" *rub rub*
    "no.. thats the spa... OMG WTF!!!"
  12. If they don't see the change then its no biggie, who cares they missed out, things like that happen. If they didn't see the change, then you should probably tell the audience to watch carefully in a vague way b4 u do a change, u have to manage the audience. If its on video and they missed it then well who really cares, colour changes should be in a routine of some sort not just 1 change anyways. thts my 2 cents
  13. I'll let you know when I judge my popularity based on what anonymous people on a magic forum think. (i.e. when my maturity becomes that of a six year old) And I'll let you know when I actually care about what you perceive as my popularity.

    And I think that's a ridiculous suggestion. I have a right to say my opinion and in my honest opinion this is about as useless as a thread can get. I have a right to dislike and/or disagree with what you say, and if you think that I can't express it then I suggest you reconsider your view on human rights, for one.

    And a question on your "observation" - what magician shows just a colour change they've newly learned to laymen?
  14. I like you:D

    but I do hate when that happens. QH to QD. oh well, cut the deck and do it again.
  15. wholeheartedly agree with this. jo vision, if no one cares/ can see that you changed a 3 of clubs into a three of spades, the its your fault that youre just showing people colour changes and not letting them be involved in the trick.

    also, i think prae>you
  16. Thats the way it always is. cause prae argues like a boss.
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    Please learn to read. I have to say that those are some of the most misconstrued comments i have ever seen. I didnt say dont comment, i said dont make belligerent comments. Please refer to a dictionary if you dont know what that is. This post is about the intersection between card magic and statistics. Thats all i was trying to get at. I am sorry for those of you who wasted your time reading such a lame ass thread and posting your comments. Im sorry that my totalitarian demeanor has somehow given you the impression that i am trying to have a fascist thread and suppress the views of those in disagreement with me. Becuase apparently i am the only person on earth that would take offense to someone making my thought process seem trivial even though those making light of it still have not grasped the concept of the comment itself. Not to say you dont understand (Lord help if offend anyone else becuase they think i am saying they are stupid), just saying you haven't taken the time to understand what the thread is about before you bash it. I hope that this will bring an end to this cluster f**k of a thread and that everyone in here will prove me wrong by being the bigger man/woman by just letting it die.
  18. yknow, i jsut find that REALLY funny, because the title of this thread is "Sooooo Frustrating" hahaha
  19. Are you talking about the well constructed posts that owned you?

    Dude, we didnt have high hopes when we started reading a thread called "OOOOH IS SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!" so dont worry, I think that is one of the reasons.

    Woao, those are some big words for you! you should be proud of yourself!

    Not to say? That is exactly what you said, so dont try to fix your error that way. WE ACTUALLY READ YOUR FIRST POST AND UNDERSTAND IT, and I dont get it, you are getting mad because you didnt get the answers that you were expecting? learn to take bad posts like a man, and please grow up.

    Yeah right, there you have another big word, you are making progress!(really no) and believe me I have read a lot of times how the "mature" people actually try to end things by saying "oh Im mature and if you are mature you will stop bashing me because I talked like an adult" so spare me. please.

    You got owned like 5 times in a row, you should be happy, I think you broke a new record.

    O btw, Ill try to help you a bit, I was actually going to say the thing about that if your spectators doesnt see the change happen, thats because they are not putting attention and therefore your presentation and performance is bad. Fix that up.

    And stay away from ghost cards.
  20. The previous post was a sincere attempt at an appology or at least a means to an end. I like these boards a lot because i feel like a lot can be learned from them. Although a bashing was not something i expected, i guess you take the good ones with the bad ones. I am trying to be as civil as possible. I will leave this thread alone and hope everyone will forget that it happened. If no one likes me aynmore then i guess i will find elsewhere to post.

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