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  1. Uhhh i am so mad and happy at the same time. I went to a locql coin shop today to look for some old halves. The owner said that that all of his coins were down at the convention center because there was a coin show in town. Being only two blocks away and the show being free, me and my dad walked right on down. There were so many amazing morgans and walkers and anything you could want everywhere. Everything was pretty pricy and then i came to this one booth. My mouth was gaping the entire time. I think the guy was a little outdated on coin prices because he had high quality coins at suuuuper low prices. He even had a whole stack of vf + walking liberties for 15 bucks each. We only put an hours worth of quarters into the meter and i had a very limited amount of money. I walked away with an 1898 barber half in f8 condition and a 1962 proof franklin half with some beautiful amber colored toning on the edges. Im happy because of those but im mad because i know that i will probably never see these coins at these prices again and i wish i coukd have bought them all. I know this has nothing to do with magic but i think its a pretty funny story
  2. I get walking libs for about 14-15 it's the price of their silver. Also ask for junk metal from coin shops don't always go for the perfect coin go for the character ;)
  3. Well i wasnt getting these for magic i was getting them for my collection. I know you can get Walkers for fifteen dollars but like you said it is junk silver. The ones i saw were near ms62 condition for just melt value.
  4. Check your local banks. My girlfriend found $11 (face value) worth of walking libs at the bank she works at and got them for me.
  5. Yah coin roll huntimg can be very successful as well as very dissapointing
  6. my liberty halfs were $12 each not to make u more pissed or anything sorry
  7. I knew there was something about you I didn't like magi...just kidding lol
  8. What I found is sometimes, coin shop owners will forget to change the prices on the silvers according to the time.
    I go through their walking liberty collection and usually I paid around 8 dollars (which when I asked for junks, they asked 13 for).
    I am not sure if that be the case with every coin shop, but it doesn't hurt to look.

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