Sorry I've been quiet! Here's why.


theory11 moderator
Hey guys,

Sorry I've been less than active recently on the forums - It's been a very busy time here at the Lapse camp!

Firstly, my performing schedule has been thru the roof, I've been all about the country and just got back from France performing backstage at the Hellfest music festival!! Fun times!!

I've had the new Mindlapse clubnight launch last week which was great fun, we had a wicked band playing before they set off on their Swedish tour; go check em out!!!

I've just launched my new site, there's more to be added, but you can check out the beta @

Also, and probably most of interest to you cats, I've been working on a new release which I'm REALLY excited about, it's one of my most impossible and most workable effects to date and I've been smashing the minds of everyone with it!!

"What the f*ck?! This dude is INSANE!" is what 36 Crazyfists had to say about it!!

It's called MACHINE and it's out soon, but I'm not going to go into detail as advertising is NAUGHTYYYY!!

So, there you go, I'm off to Sweden next month, the states the month after, but inbetween I shall be back on here as much as I can and I've just replied to most of my PM's so I'll chat with you guys soooon!!


Sep 20, 2009
Did you ever get my PM mate? i sent it many month's Ago..

when your in the Sates, Come By Southern California. i'll buy you a drink at The Castle, yeah mate?

Much Obliged


Jan 16, 2008
Go tour go tour Dee! Then do we get another BOGOF? :p
Can't wait for MACHINE...I hope it's gonna SLAYve all of us.


theory11 moderator
I'll be around ;)

Re Sweden, may have to give it a miss as I've just got another booking, but was offered guestlist to the Getaway rock festival!

Re Machine, Anyone who places an order @ today for any of the products before 7pm GMT today will recieve at FREE copy of the new book upon release in just a few days time!! You will be the first to get it!! GO GO GOOO!! :p

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