Sources to learn how to cheat at poker?

Oct 17, 2007
Aussie NSW
By going off the small descrition you gave i asume you would like to learn
Seconds,Bottoms, Stacks,Mucking and such
I suggest you check out

Expert at the card table is first and foremost one of the best books it has all of these not nessecerily in detail to your liking but it has most of it.

Expert Card Technique Is another fine book with great detail as well and a bit more modern.

Steve Forte's Gambling Tapes/Dvds are probably some of the best to go for it has all the moves Steve pulls them off perfectly.

These people you should Check Out Richard Turner,Steve Forte,Jason England.

Darwin Ortiz i believe also has some things on card cheating.

and Jason England has 1on1's here
Bottom Deals,Second Deals,Diagonal Palm Shift.

Dec 3, 2008

Start with expert at the card table. That's a great source of card cheating and check out "the bottom deal" and "the strike second deal" one on ones here at t11.
May 19, 2008
hmmmm..... I heard off one, not many people know it (its a secret) its called something like... expert at the card table or something, Im not sure...

lol yes its a very good book, you can download it for free legaly here
do it.

also check out cardsharp by darwin orwitz, its apparently quite good.
theirs a few 1on1s here at t11 on the most (what I would say) important sleights for cheating, s.w.e shift, bottom deal, second deal, and false cut.

and their is a dvd called fast company is where you can buy it, is the trailer

blood by daniel madison is (apparently) a good card marking system and heres a reveiw

seriously though, expert at the card table teaches you how to do pretty much all the moves and stuff ive recommended ;)
Sep 2, 2007
I'd like to pick up some points made by other posters on the 1-on-1s. The Diagonal Palm Shift and the SWE Shift are not gambling or card table moves. They could potentially be adapted into a magician's gambling routine, but they were never intended to be used to cheat.

If you actually want to learn to cheat at cards, then there isn't any book or DVD that can teach you. You need to get yourself a speciality, maybe bottom dealing, and then learn a practical version of the auxillary moves you'll need for a bottom deal to work in a real game. So, you'll need a good, natural-looking false shuffle and cut, and some method of nullifying the cut. Maybe you'll also want a cull, or you may choose to cull from the discards. Also, you might want to learn to hold out. Basically, find a process that works for you and practice it until your fingers bleed

However, if you want to perform gambling sleight-of-hand as a magician, then there are a load of good sources.

The Expert at the Card Table, Expert Card Technique, Down Under Deals, Hand Mucking and Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing would probably be my favourite books for this kind of stuff at the moment.
Dec 6, 2007
Knoxville, TN
Simon Lovell's Dvd on gambling cheats is really good.
So is fast company.

Those two are good sources.
Don't listen to anything else anybody says, pick from one of those two.
Daniel Madison's Card Cheat Handbook. It was released in little quantities. Its only Chapters 12 and 13 of the whole Card Cheat book. It basically about Marked Decks. Chapter 12 is about The Blood marking System and Chapter 13 is about the Blood Stack. Its 51 pages long.

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