Special Announcement : Wynn Decks - Limited Supply Released

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Hmmm.... Interesting.... So much mystery on this site. I dig it :cool:
  2. ohhh exciting....this should be good
  3. Could it be something like somebody stole Danny Garcia's beads?
  4. Maybe it was his beanie?
  5. alright its 11:04 whats the announcement dude

    I hope it's some new 1on1's ... we've been missing those :)
  6. Shouldn't it be updated right now?
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    It's coming -- can't wait. :)

  8. Danny just informed me that if either his beads or beanie have been stolen... he will immediatley institute a massive worldwide search... A reward will be offered. He cannot do magic without his beads or beanie...
  9. See above post (first in this thread)-- edited with the full info!
  10. sweet... though I'm still waiting for my signed ones from the Witness contest...
  11. Just a note that these shipped from our main offices yesterday (just 24 hours after we got the signed decks in hand). I apologize for the delay; we tried to get 'em out faster, but shipping back and forth to Canada isn't as fast as we hoped.

    Enjoy, and once again, congratulations to all of the Witness winners.
  12. You mean I can meet DG if I'm able to palm his beanie and shift his beads? Oh yeah, it's on! Chico isn't that far from me :)

    Back on topic - cool announcement. Order placed. ...I"m sucker a sucker for marketing...:rolleyes:
  13. Yet another thing I'm going to get yelled at for buying so soon before Christmas.

    I, too, am a sucker for hype. And figures...3000 made? And I'm going to own 12 of them? I like those stats.
  14. just got me 12 decks. T11 you are the man!
  15. Nice, picked me up a brick -- thanks guys. :)

  16. Awesome. I too bought a brick. I tried to get a brick and a half, but you've got a limit of 12 per customer. Haha, smart!

    Shane K.
  17. I thought the 3000 were Jerry's Nugget's not wynn, I would be wrong. Can someone clarify??
  18. From what I heard from Katie is that there are fewer of these brown Wynns than there are Jerry's in the world.

    Shane K.

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