Special Prize to Old Members on August 31st

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aris.SA, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. theory11 should give special prizes I dunno what... to the members that registered on august 31th and september 1st.. Because of our loyalty :)

    Maybe this is crazy, but its kinda late here :p
  2. Some people saw the site but never registered. Besides it's not that big of a deal.
  3. How about noooo.

  4. Too bad for those xD
  5. I have to control myself xD lol
  6. Yeah, but some of those people aren't even active anymore...
  7. do you think you deserve something...?
    okay the thing u get is a
    "THANKS" from t11 staff....
    Happy? or do you want a free 1-on-1? or how about a free pack of centurions, or maybe a free DVD. Dude... It makes u look like an ass to talk like you deserve something.

  8. Personally I don't see why there should be something JUST for members who have been here since the opening, others may spend 10x the amount of time on here making great constructive posts and joined in January compared to someone who spams and makes useless and unnecessary comments who joined on August 31st.

    I'm pretty sure there is something up the Staff's Sleeve for the Anniversary, It's certainly been discussed I know that for a fact.

  9. +1. As for the anniversary, it should involve cake, being sent to my door with a spoon...

  10. Fixed.

  11. Why something physical? (I dunno if its spelled that way).. maybe a little star at the side of our names something like that :S and it makes you look like an ass talking like that before clearing things out..
  12. Put me on that list.

  13. what about september 2nd? they're just as loyal, less one day. you should get recognition if you've actually done something. it's being exclusive which could be quite unfair to everyone else as people will become cocky and try and use even just 'a little star next to their name' as a badge of authority.

    if you're gonna hand out little stars, either you actually have to do something to EARN it or everyone gets one at different lengths of membership.
  14. I would like a video similar to the 'Welcome to Theory11 Video' Posted at the beginning, but this time. 'What has Theory11 Accomplished within the First 12 Months' or something similar. With the artists views upon anything changing, and what they hope will change or continue to change etc.
  15. Fixed again. ;)

    Seriously though, I disagree. It'd just create elitism etc. and that isn't what this forum's about. I don't get it when people start talking about supposed loyalty to a site, I mean yeah I get it but I don't get why they seem to think being loyal to a site is going to give them benefits and magic-points to get into magician nirvana.

    If you're loyal to one site and one site only, you're only hindering yourself.

    - Sean
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    dont talk like you deserve something.... you deserve [edited] after what you posted. It's just like doing volunteer work for a homeless shelter and asking for $100...
    I know this isn't a homeless shelter, but you volunteered to join. ...

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