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  1. Ok, so this has happened to me a couple of times, I perform a trick to say 3-5 people and one of them guesses the correct method and goes "I think you took 2 cards and showed them as one" etc. (not necessarily in a rude way) or part of what the spectator guessed was true. This inevitably disturbs me and the rest of the spectators and everyone just look at me hoping for an answer. I completely freeze and all I can say is "Nahhhh its a completely different method" and so the same spectator goes "Do it again" to which I cannot agree (duh). And so the environment almost feels like the spectator who guessed was right and I lied. So what's the tight thing to do? (This is different from messing up a trick, the spectator doesn't necessarily 'catch' anything)
  2. There are a few ways to approach this:

    1. Deny it and do the trick again but don't use double lifts. Use a top change or something instead. I don't recommend this because you shouldn't repeat tricks, especially if it's to prove you're not using a certain method. They'll be much more skeptical and critical.

    2. Deny it, say you'll do it again and do a trick that starts of similar but has a surprise ending. They won't know what to look for. Don't try to make it seem like you're outsmarting them though, because then they'll probably bug you more.

    3. Tell them they got it right and they're clever for figuring it out. Then move onto other tricks that don't use the double lift.

    These are just what I usually do but I'm going to call in @obrienmagic because he always has good tips for this type of stuff.
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  3. Shin Lim said recently that he prefers to use a top switch rather than a double lift because a DL is so well known.

    That being said you will hear many times preform in a way that doesn't elicit reactions like guessing methods, even when using well known methods.

    From what it sounds like from above you did one effect? Like bunch of cuts/shuffle DL showing card, bury it... Oh look it's on top? If so I suggest several phases using different methods for a similar effect with patter to help justify the revelation.

    Don't make fooling someone your goal, make entertaining them your goal. A "hey check this out... " approach comes across as trying to fool someone or make it about your skills rather than fun for everyone.

    If you can make your magic conversational, that is not forced or out of nowhere, it will be accepted more easily.

    If your magics patter doesn't fit into many topics of conversation then another way to reduce people guessing methods is to only preform when asked. People who ask to be entertained are usually more receptive to things that might be a bit out of context.

    I am sure other people have some suggestions too.

    The above is more preventative measures. If it already happened then I say just preform more tricks rather than repeating the same one. Use a trick that gets them involved where they get the credit for it working, get them on your side.

    I wouldn't tell them they were right because that may prompt them to keep guessing.
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  4. The first thing I would do is check your routining and make sure you are not accidentally creating this environment of “can you guess the method?” Of you are noticing people call you out quite frequently then it may be an issue with your technique (flashing maybe?) or an issue with your performance.

    If it is just every once in awhile, then it is not something to concern yourself with too often. If someone calls me out on a move I usually do one of 2 things:

    1. I say, “haha that is one way to do it.” Then quickly move on. Do not dwell on it or try to prove they are wrong. Just make a quick acknowledgement to their comment then move on.

    2. I say “I’ll tell you what let me show you.” Then I do a sucker effect where it looks like I am going to teach them but instead another magic effect happens. If you use this method it is crucial that you make the person who suggested that you did X move be the hero of the effect, otherwise they may bring it up again because they don’t feel they got closure.

    Hope this helps! Haha it is something you will learn to deal with overtime.
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  5. Thanks Mate I'll try the surprise ending but 1 time the spectator went "He's picking up 2 cards" in the middle of an ACR. I'm familiar with the top change, but I'm a newbie and haven't practiced it enough to be performing it in front of spectators.So I just made the next phase a card to pocket and ended the Routine.
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  6. Yeah I guess the the patter is the reason. I probably have the worst patter (I think I don't even have one) I just go 'look you snap you're fingers and the card is on top.' (over and over and over again)
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  7. That's good Advice!:):)I guess experience is the only thing I need. I really need to work on my crowd control.
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  8. If your presentation consists of what you are doing, the audience's first thought will be to wonder how you are doing it. Your job is to make the illusion of impossibility more compelling than the reality of a menthol.
  9. How about complementing the spectator on his sharp senses or something and then saying that they should do some magic instead?
    Then, do another trick while making it look like it was them who did it, a standard approach for many effects.

    In this way, you just tip-toe around the question. You neither confirm their guess, nor do you have to lie to anyone outright.
  10. That's really good advice! Thanks:):)
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  11. Chris Ramsey fan here I see.
    This is exactly what I do.
  12. It depenends what kind of spectator it is. He a could be good spectator that happened to guess the method, or he could be a heckler that guessed it. Its easy to see there intention, for example, a heckler would 'guess' the method usually, scream, for example, 'HE HAS TO CARDS! out loud, while a good spectator would say 'he has to cards' dicretedly. If it was a good spectator I would congratulate them for being smart, however if it was a heckler I wouldn't congratulate them that much because the will think that what they are doing is okay. I would in that case do a TC or a SD to show that the card is the same. That works for me, but maybe not for you, but thats what I do in that kind of situation.
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  13. I faced that a few times and when it happens it's a power struggle between you and this certain spectator. In those times I congratulate them and actually compliment them and that will bring them up a notch and you down a notch and they will become more quiet. And when I do that I say hey you're very smart see if you can catch me on this one right and then I go into a mentalism trick and hand them the deck to shuffle. Just use one of the tricks where you force a card on them and you already know the outcome let them handle the cards and they will never figure it out. It's inevitable buddy but take it as a learning experience
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  14. I just thought of this one as well to you can purposely make it look like you Palm a card but don't. Then they go " it's in his palm !!! " Show him your palm and then move your fingers like you're waving goodbye yesssssss
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  15. LOL bro just like back in the old days. Let's frame this nicely brother. If what you're doing is toward the audience they will want to guess how it's done. You can make it seem like that's not the case by leading them down a path
  16. Very much like the old days Drew. I've deleted most of your posts you have made overnight in this thread and others as they aren't helpful. Trolling other members whether they be moderators or new members is unacceptable.

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