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  1. Ok so I know that this might sound like a little noobish problem, but I need help.

    A lot of times when I perform magic, people always try to guess what I did... For example, Dresscode, people just randomly guess how I did it. They say the other shirt is in the jacket, or its up my sleeve (lol)... Now I could prove to them that they're wrong, and it's not in the jacket, but they will just keep guessing until someone gets it right... The obvious solution is not to prove them wrong, and just let them guess. The problem I have this is that when I don't answer, they immediately think that that's what I did. And this ruins the magic. They already kind of ruined it for themselves by trying to figure it out, and I'm fine with that. It's just that then the people tell others, who don't care too much how its done, until the people get the thought into their mind, and make them become one of them.
    To make this simpler, lets call "Skeptics" a religion. Then there are "Enjoyers". So the Skeptics guess and guess, and when I don't answer, they instill their thoughts into the Enjoyers, converting them to Skeptics... While the "new" skeptics aren't as harsh as the "old" skeptics, they still have this idea, which kind of takes the fun and the enjoyment out of the magic.

    So does anyone have a way to avoid these situations where people just guess and guess... I mean, it's not like we can stop them, as they will always try to figure out..

  2. Lets say they guess wrong so you give them that. Run with it, joke with them about how no one usually guesses your stuff right. Try not to rush into another effect but steer the conversation to something else.

    Also does this happen often with Dresscode or is it other effects too?
  3. It happens with Dresscode more often than others. I think its because it just seems more impossible to them, so they have a greater need to figure it out.
  4. Just perform the stuff correctly. I don't have people guess how I do things and they are fooled. I think it is just the quality. I am not judging your quality whatsoever. I just find that the better you do and present an effect the less likely the spectators would know how it is done and would try to guess how it is done.
  5. Don't make the 'Method' the important part of the routine..

    First: what is your age? and then the age group you are performing for?

    Second: how are you 'performing' these routines.. are you performing it in a 'motivated' way... or is it more a 'Challenge'

    Many fall into the trap of 'Challenge' without even realizing it..

    You say this happens with 'Dresscode' more then others..

    how are you presenting it in a 'routine format' are you walking up to people and saying 'Look At Me Shirt'.. turn around and then it's changed?

    or is is it more on the 'off beat'?

    *I Have Index Cards each with a different Soda on it.. please touch one... in a second I'll have you look at it.. place it back in the pack and then shuffle.. I'll be facing away so i can't see.. please tell me when your done*

    when you turn back around your shirt is the same 'Brand Name' as the card they selected..

    done on the off beat like that takes it away from 'Just A Shirt Change' into many different paths

    If they are guessing the 'Method' correctly.. you're either really 'obvious' or it's not that 'deceiving of a method'
  6. I think it depends on the public and the venue..per example performing in the Magic castle is very different to perfom in the street...people that go to the Magic castle knows how to behave when they see magic...

    Sometimes even when you perform a flawless trick with awesome patter...there still people that are trying to guess how you did it...

    I guess the answer goes beyond what to say...I think is has more to do about the way you show authority to them prior the performance...if you show that you are in control, then you wouldn`t be facing this type of behavior...maybe I`ll post more about this later..
  7. This does happen to me as well. For me, I wouldn't really care if they guess and say what they think I did. If they do that, I would usually say something like "yeah, you could say I did that, or maybe I didn't" whether they're right or wrong of what they think I did.
    I just let them say what they think I did and I won't tell them if they're right or wrong, they just spoiled the magic for themselves. I even had people try to throw me off saying "I saw that!" even though they didn't see anything.
  8. You can see Michael Ammar do this on David Letterman a few months ago on magic week, right after performing pressure.
  9. Juan Tamariz: The Magic Way: Theory of false solutions
  10. I saw that. Ammar is awesome!

    Back on topic, try to examine your presentation. While I don't own Dresscode it seems like one of those effects that can be used for more than just a quick throw away.
  11. This guy's got the right idea.
  12. Also Darwin Ortiz "Strong Magic", 2nd chapter, under "conviction". It really helps a lot.
  13. Great book!
  14. Here are a few questions.

    1. Who exactly are you performing for?
    I know a lot of people on this board (the vast majority) perform for their friends in high school or middle school, and then wonder why people don't believe in their presentations or whatever. I am going to tell you this now. Your classmates will never believe the BS presentations you give your effects. No matter how many books on showmanship or whatever you read. You want to the reason why? Because they KNOW you, they KNOW you didn't learn the effects from a gambler, or anything else. Yeah it's a harsh reality but it's something you are going to have to come to grips with. They will enjoy what you do. Which is right now the only thing you should be shooting for. Start worrying about your presentations once you start doing this professionally or for people that DON'T know you.

    This one question will help answer a lot of questions. But the main answer is context.
  15. I think it's really human nature to guess. I do agree that your presentation can heighten the frequency of when it happens. When they guess or "i know how you did that!" not i quickly cut them off with "Don't tell me- I don't want to know!" From that most people get the hint. I also flat out tell people "It's not about figuring it out ya know?"

    That's pretty much how i deal with it. Hope it helps.
  16. i just tell them it's miracles. just...miracles.
  17. If you totally fool someone completely the won't try to guess because they have no clue. That is the best solution.
  18. This, I find, is the best way for me to deal with a particularly tough heckler. It's to the point just say, "These aren't puzzles, it's entertainment." But also be sure not to present them as puzzles.
  19. I like to make a joke about people doing this. My favorite "out" I have thought of is while wearing Jay Sankey's "Hell Bent" ring. When they start guessing your tricks say "Oh you like to try to guess my tricks eh? I keep this ring on at all times for wise guys like you." Take the ring off and stretch it into a kind of large nail and bang it on the table somewhat loudly. Then you say something like "Wanna keep guessing buddy?" Then, laugh and tell them you are just joking, re-bend the nail back into a ring, and put it on your finger. Lastly, continue with your show.

    All of this, while it seems like you are threatening them, is done to shut them up. If you want to do something like this, though, you should pick who you do it to and carefully analyze what you say and how you say it. It would be very easy for you to seriously come off rude and pissed off - you definately don't want that. You need to make for sure that they KNOW that you are joking and just having fun but you also DO want them to shut their pie hole.
  20. Also if you entertain the hell out of them...they won´t care about the method...they will only care that they are having a good time!!

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