Spell Out Trick [has this been done]

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  1. Hey guys!

    I've been working on a "spell out card trick" and just wanted to know if there is a version where:

    1.) The deck is randomly thought of by the spectator
    2.) Deck may be overhand shuffled [by performer]
    3.) May be performed completely surrounded
    4.) No gimmicks or refills required

    I'm not really in the loop so it'd be nice if I could know if I should continue working on this or not :D Thanks!
  2. Do you mean a spell out trick with a randomly selected card?

    If so then yes, this has been done.

    The oldest version I can’t think of is in Encyclopaedia of Card Magic starting page 41.

    Originally published in 1937.

    This book includes an entire chapter on spelling effects. Some of them are really good effects.

    Hope this helps!

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  3. Thanks for pointing me in that direction! I just took a look into that whole section and there are indeed some really good effects!

    WHAT-DOYA-KNOW! The trick I came up with is basically "Spelling Any Card Called For" in Encyclopedia of Card Magic.
    However, that trick requires different spelling variations for each card A-K :/

    The improvement that i've come up with are that:
    1.) A much much simpler deck scheme. [Only 4 things to memorize as supposed to 16 things mentioned in that particular trick]
    2.) Allows the performer to do an overhand shuffling of the cards

    All-in-all, this book was written in 1937 so i'm sure a newer version like mine is already out there somewhere and even more sophisticated so i'll just consider my trick as "already been done" haha

    Thanks again!!

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