Spinning, flare thingy

Apr 29, 2009
where can i learn that spinning thing andrei does in the propaganda preview at 1:01. he has a few cards in his left hand and spining a card on the deck in his right. Where can i learn this?
Jan 8, 2009
1:01 spin flourish in left hand, card twirls in right hand [part of his bulletshot sequence]

it was really cool while performed in angle like that, i've tried it :p
Sep 1, 2007
Huron's "firefly" is just a bunch of waving your hands around while you twirl a couple cards in every way imaginable with one hand (which ends up being about 4 ways) ... So, if there is any twirl you do with a card, there is a chance that it is included in "firefly". This is why I think its dumb to give names to such simple moves. Like the thing where you do a TG deck flip with packets facing opposite ways, and one of them flips a bit extra so you end with a normal deck. Lots of people do this by accident but I'm pretty sure one of those dudes like daren or something had to give that name and claim it.
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