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  1. where can i learn that spinning thing andrei does in the propaganda preview at 1:01. he has a few cards in his left hand and spining a card on the deck in his right. Where can i learn this?
  2. It looks like he's doing the molecule 3 cut except he's using one card instead of a pack with his right hand, and using some flare.
  3. how can i learn flares?
  4. It's just the way you moe your hands. The more skilled you get the more control you have on the cards. You will tehn be able to just add a little twist and shake of the hand and it will make the flourish look better. Go on youtube and check out richard's tutorial on the one card twirl. That's what flare is.
  5. 1:01 spin flourish in left hand, card twirls in right hand [part of his bulletshot sequence]

    it was really cool while performed in angle like that, i've tried it :p
  6. I thought that it was a part of Huron's Firefly.
  7. Huron's "firefly" is just a bunch of waving your hands around while you twirl a couple cards in every way imaginable with one hand (which ends up being about 4 ways) ... So, if there is any twirl you do with a card, there is a chance that it is included in "firefly". This is why I think its dumb to give names to such simple moves. Like the thing where you do a TG deck flip with packets facing opposite ways, and one of them flips a bit extra so you end with a normal deck. Lots of people do this by accident but I'm pretty sure one of those dudes like daren or something had to give that name and claim it.
  8. Jeff McBride has a two card twirl in xb called the salamander combo.

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