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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RediSpades, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Alright, so I have been working with a couple of tricks that involve using the adhesive property of my saliva and I have had some difficulties. (So as not to give exposure I am just going to say a Daniel Garcia trick, Wayne Houchin trick, and a trick from this web sight that involves a torn piece of card). But I have been having trouble covertly putting my saliva on the given areas, mainly because I have noticed that it usually requires a lot of spit and just drooling on your hands doesn't seem to be to easy to hide. I was just wondering how everyone else handles these situations.
  2. I don't want to expose anything or ask too much but could you use the oil from the side of your nose? I've seen people reach up with their hand and run their finger along the side of their nose and the oil helps create some stickiness. For example: you could do it with your pinky when getting ready for a top palm.
  3. That might work for the torn card, but it probably wouldn't work for Wayne Houchin's or Daniel Garcia's. I do apologize for being cryptic by the way, I am sure that those who have the tricks that I am referring to will under stand right away.

    As far as with the torn card, I would just have to figure away to transfer the oil to the base of my thumb...
  4. If the oil technique works for you a bit of VO5 Hair Styling Oil might give you a heavier amount easier, even if you only place it in a set part of your hair such as the temple area or behind the ear, so all you need to do is run your hand through when you need to dob
  5. Craig, this is a genius idea for the torn card!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

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