Split Spade :: Lions Review

May 5, 2008
First, I will admit, I was never a big fan of cards from T11. Guardians are kind of blah, and well... the 909's are basically Guardians 2.0. However, I read the reviews about the Lions and checked out the pictures and snagged a 3 pack of each color. I must admit, so far I really like this deck! Its nice to have come actual color and not just dulled grays and blacks.

The box: This is really a beautiful box. I mean, I have just about every deck you could imagine... and this box is by far the stand out. It just LOOKS special (not gimmicked... special). The gold brings memories of old books and gold leafed bibles. Almost as if the box design stepped right out of a movie from the "silver screen" days. Seriously, amazing box!

The design: The back design is "ok". Its a cool design, but some of the borders are off... luckily with the design given, its not easy to tell. I do wish the backs were different than the original split spades. They are slightly, but I would expect a new back (dunno why). Of course I knew the back design when I bought them, what I didn't know was the color intensity. This might sound strange, but the color "pops" too much. Such a classy looking box and deck, the colors are a little too bright and vibrant for the design of the deck. A darker red, and navy blue would have fit the deck better in my opinion (which we all can disagree with). Maybe a bit more faded, or worn look... The back just seem to stand out too much.

The Stock & Finish: I read a number of reviews that said the same thing. "These cards are soft". For the life of me, I couldn't understand what people meant. Fact is, there is no other way to describe them. They hold well, fan great and have a very "soft" feel. I have decks I like... Tallys, Masters, Wynns, Bikes, whatever... but when it comes to actual feel of the cards... these are becoming a personal favorite. We will see how long they last. If they keep going, they might replace my Tally's :) By the way, they faro perfect right out of the box, they aren't ruff on the edges and the stiffness is about as close as I could ask for. To speak on the actual stock, the thickness of the cards seems to be equal to E decks. The box fits perfect in an E deck Porper clip.

The card faces: Yes, some are modeled after his friends, mom, and himself... but this is kind of cool. If you know someone with a face like that on a face card, amazing possibilities. I have the same opinion about the colors as I do with the backs. They are a bit too bright for the classic design. As much as I dont like the backs and design of the Guardians, the faces of those cards are really well done, and I just think that those faces would have done well on this deck. If you have a pack you know what I'm talking about. Just an opinion.

The Jokers and extras: The double backer is great and the same color/shade on both sides (bout time). The other cards are also well done. The jokers!!!! those are great! They remind me of really old jokers from an almost medieval deck of cards. And as dumb as it sounds, with a soon to be "joker" craze right around the corner, given the excitement of the new batman movie, this is bound to be a favorite card. My only critique of the jokers are the lack of pips... no corners or pips make it hare to locate in a fan and can even make the look of a fan somewhat uneven.

So theres my review, I am not going to give a rated number or grade. I will simply say, if you are into playing cards like I am, this deck is sure to please and is worth every penny. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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May 5, 2008
Ok, almost a week has gone. I can't believe it, but this is really becoming my favorite deck. Particularly the black or blue backs. I am beside myself. I never thought I would really like and want a deck created by a magician, especially DB. It always seemed like a lame marketing tool by him. However, these cards are EXCELLENT! They have (in my opinion) a perfect feel, stock and finish. I really can't believe it. Also, I thought I was going to hate the custom face cards, until I was performing for a girl that actually looked like the QoS and "put her face on a chosen card and then had that card grab the other spectators card (4os) out of the deck!!!!!" They are durable and just awesome. If they change anything about the cards when they release 2nd editions, I hope its only the shade of red and a better eye on the back borders... everything else is DEAD ON. Best deck I ever purchased (I can't believe I just said that).

Sep 1, 2007
I know some of you guys have already noticed this but the Ace of Spades has lots of hidden artwork in it.
The woman/ lion face in the center of the deck is obvious. But if you turn the Ace upside down the part that says:

Split Spades


The artist's name.
Stutzman becomes: blaine

SplitSpades becomes: Supersticious

Just though I'd throw that out there.
Sep 14, 2007
Yeah I got one of these decks just a few days ago and at first I wasn't to thrilled, but as the days went on I liked them more and more.

One thing I wanted to point out is that you said the double back card is the same shade on both sides, however I found that mine was sligthly lighter on one side than the other?

Oh well, might just be the deck. I guess I'll have to buy another one and find out. :p
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