Split Spades or Centurions?

Aug 17, 2008
Ann Arbor, MI
Hey, yes... its me again... Shadowmaster808......

Uhhh, i need your guy's help again, Split Spades look great... and so do the Centurions.... im already thinking of getting the split spades.... soo, can you guys help me out?
Jul 13, 2008
Centurions are phenomenal . . . I'm also thinking about getting Split Spades in a few weeks, but the centurions are the best cards I've ever handled.
Jul 2, 2008
if your living in a hot or humid country cents tend to feel waxy and sticky and warps especially for sweaty hands, thus im not really a huge fan. split spades is up there as a close 2nd to smoke and mirrors ( not counting jerry's nuggets and white cents :D) they last bloody long i mean it..
Sep 1, 2007
To me the Split Spades are the way to go. They are the best deck I've ever used. (For reference: I have Masters, Ghost, Black Tiger, Vipers, 1800s 1st and 2nd ed, Guardians 1st and 2nd ed, Centurions, Black Ghost, Tallys, Bikes, Bees, Casino decks, etc.)

I like the way they feel. They handle very well, take abuse, and seem thinner than most other decks. They work great with push-over and strike DL's as well. The whites contrast very well with the colors (my favorite is the Red deck, it's image is a negative from the Blue and Black decks.) I also like the one-way back design.
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Apr 9, 2008
i suggect split spade too , because it really nice to use , even for magic or flourish.

If you got extra $$ , use it to buy all the split spade.
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