Split Spades Vs Guardians ... ?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Slicke, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Is there a big difference between the Split Spades and the guardians ... How do the guardians handle compared to the split spades .... ?
  2. go with split spades all the way. Just trust me on that

  3. Quoted for truth.

  4. SplitSpades are simply better.

    To be more specific- SplitSpades last longer, feel great for a longggggggggg time (we're talking 1 year or more), and are not waxy like guardians.

    Just my humble opinion,

  5. split spades for the win :D

  6. Guardians is to Split Spades as Power Wheels is to Hummers.

    Split Spades all the way. No question. Do not doubt. They look better, they feel better, they last longer, perform better.
  7. Hahaha, quoted for sheer awesomeness. Agreed. 100%

  8. The only down side I've ever heard about the split spades is that the stock is thinner then a normal deck but the thought accured to me that if you have a thinner stock your double and triple lifts will be less noticable plus the deck has alot of cool optical illusions withinin it if you type in split spade review on YouTube a guy goes through all the optical illusions and built in gaffs in the deck like the queen of spades is holding a card you could use as a reveal.
  9. Don't get me wrong. I absolutly love the look of the Guardians. They probably are my favorite deck. But...as far as durability and smoothness (is that a word?) split spades are WWWAAAYYY better. Let me give you an example. I used my blue deck of SS for about 2 weeks and I really tore it up. I put the deck away for a while and was using another decks. I randomly came back and picked up the deck and I couldnt believe how smooth it was compared to a newer deck that I had just been using. It was amazing.

    The price is higher, but the quality much better.

    Split Spades FTW!
  10. I actually think that the Guardians are thinner than split spades. I own both and think that the spades are most definately better than any other guardians. I love the look of both decks, but the SS's win in every catagory IMHO.
  11. As many people have said and I will agree, Split Spades are definately better, they last longer, thinner stock (which I don't see why people complain about) and people seem to be impressed when you tell them that they are David Blanes cards. As well with the added illusions to the cards I really like the design to them

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