Splitting Invissible thread?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Is there anyone here who is experienced with IT? I got a really long reel of Invissible thread which i first was dissapointed with because it looked really thick and vissible, but then in the booklet that came with it it said that you could and should split it into 3 pieces but not how to do it.

    Does anyone know something about this?
  2. Here is how I split invisible thread:

    I attach a 3-5 feet, depending on the area of the setup, IET thread to a small ball of wax. I then stick one end of the thread to a counter top. I then play with the end of the thread, until it frays (Plucking at it). I take the freyed piece and attach another piece of wax to the end, as well as a second piece of wax to the other frayed end. Whichever one I am not stripping, I stretch tight and stick to the wall of other surface that will allow it to remain tight while I strip the other piece (Like string cheese).

    Once stripped, I put a ball of wax on the other end of the stripped strand and break it from the main anchor. I then have a single strand, and the other ready to be stripped again. :)

    Good luck and I hope that helps! -Matt
  3. The other post said it well. You basically lightly pull the end of the string and it will fray and you should be holding one very thin piece. This is the piece you use. You dont use the thick obvious piece but you use the frayed piece. By pulling on the one string which you separated you can pull it from the large thick piece and it is ready for use.

    Edit: IT is a very good idea to an arms length or 3-5 feet of the string from the thick spool. This will stop it from getting tangled and then you can pull the thin string from just that piece. I though I could overpass this step and I had a big mess of knotted string that took forever to separate.
  4. Thank you guys :)

    But i really dont get it, lol. What should i do with the end of the thread? It does not happend anything with it, haha. It just looks like one pice of thread.
  5. Pick at it with your finger nail and pluck it and let it snap back a couple times. After a little bit you will see a piece frey a bit. It will be a slight split. Go with it from their. :) -Matt

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