Sponge Ball Magic


Aug 31, 2007
hey man, thanks for sharing! Looks like they really enjoyed it.

Is it open to some feedback? If not, feel free to ignore what's below:

-Sponge balls never look normal, because people have never seen them before. so I would avoid asking them if it looks normal. If they say yes to you, they are just lying (see video "why magic works" by Penn & Teller)
- Personally the Wilson's counting routine looks good, but makes very little sense as to why you start counting.
- you mention that you were cheating and that you have an extra ball. I know that's not truth, however, I would submit that it deconstructs the previous work you have done with them. They no longer amazed at how you made balls travel from your hand to theirs, they are wondering at what point you introduced the extra ball (In my opinion of course).
- it looks like they were enjoying themselves which means you were doing a good job with them. Overall, nice work and thanks for sharing!
(Again, just some feedback to think about, but take it with a grain of salt, and use what you will)
Jun 1, 2009
That was great! I'm just starting to get into spongeballs now, so it's good to see how kids react to them. I would suggest introducing the third ball a little differently though. Like put "two" in their hand and say "I'll make another one out of thin air" or something, and throw it into their hand to make the third one appear.

Other than that I really liked it, good job!

Looks good man! Looks like someones been watching "Sponge" with Jay Noblezada :) I agree with the comment above, there isn't really a need to say, do these sponge balls look normal. #1 Sponge balls aren't an everyday object and #2 it puts the impression in peoples heads that they may be tampered or gimmicked of some sort, no matter what the object is. Just say something along the lines like "they don't come apart" and pull on the sponge ball, then continue with the routine. Other than that, amazing job! Keep it up :)
Thank You Jacob and Justin,

Even though i have been in magic for 8 years i have never bothered with sponge balls. This was the first routine that i actually did for people. I appreciate the feedback. Im still working on patter with my sponge balls. I will definitely take notice of what both of you said.
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