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  1. I have a question for the people here who do sponge ball magic. Usually when you end your routine, do you end it with just 3 sponge balls appearing in the spectators hand or 15-24 (as with Eugene Burgers handling). I've really been thinking about this and I really like the idea of his where he performs it for 4-5 people each, with it the ending of lots of sponge balls. My main concern is that sponge balls can fall out of the last persons hands and roll all over the place and that can sometimes negate the ending of the routine, because you have to get on your knees and collect a bunch of the balls. Also, the fact that somebody MIGHT end up being an idiot and treating the sponge balls like confetti at the end of it.

    What, I really like about Eugene Burgers is that the presentation is very simple and easy to follow, you can do it for kids AND adults, and not have to change anything with the presentation (thus making it extremely flexible). It's just those two problems I have with it. (Hell, I think Eugene Burger even stopped doing it after awhile, because he got tired of having to clean up all the sponge balls.)
  2. I used to do it with 8, then 7 when I lost one.

    This also allowed me to add a bit of a mental twist to it.

    I just made sure I did it over a surface to catch the balls, or I'd have a bunch of people form a table under the spectator's hand.
  3. I've used a giant sponge ball vs. several smaller ones as well as the sucker routine of the color change ball to cube and of course the Magic Ding Dong when working adult groups. What you need to decide is what works best for you; if you are working steadily and can afford to replace the lost sponge then do the big load (there used to be mini-sponges for doing this, you may look around).
  4. I think I read about that somewhere and I've also read that some guys use cubes because they don't roll around all over the place. I was just looking at Eugene Burgers handling because unlike the sponge rabbits where sometimes you MAY have to change the script to seem a bit less "adult". Though the idea of having a giant sponge appear in their hands does sound a bit easier to manage at the end of the routine than having to scurry around and collect a bunch of sponge balls.
  5. Here's an Idea that I've always used in my routine, feel free to use it if you like. (Note, I use smaller one inch sponge balls in my routine) Have a spectator inspect a red sponge ball, excuse it by saying "What card is represented by the number 1?" They reply with "The Ace." You then say, "that ball is a red ball correct?" They reply with "Yes." While doing this, secretly push five or six (I use 6) together. Then say, "What suit is represented by red?" They reply with "Hearts and diamonds." Say to them, would you like Ace of hearts or diamonds?" They choose one, ask them to squeeze the ball in their hand, saying it will magically cause them to choose the ace they named, pull a deck of cards out, and force a red five or six. Act surprised by this, and then apologize for screwing up. Then ask them to hand you back the ball so they can try again. They will be marveled to see your mistake "fixed." I do this routine constantly and get great reactions. Just a thought.
  6. Nice idea, but it complicates the entire routine of sponge magic. The simplicity of Sponge ball/wangs/banana's etc is that the entire routine is usually very easy for people to remember.
  7. Josh, I'm with Randy on this one. Magic should be simple and easy to follow. I am not saying your suggestion is a bad one, but it definitely over complicates things when it doesn't need to. As far as the sponge bunnies, I saw a really good magician use the nice 3D version ones at a very high class event and the adults loved them.

    I don't use sponge balls very often, but when I do I typically just do the color change ball / cube that Craig mentioned. I think if you are getting sick of picking them up or losing them Randy I'd go for the giant ball at the end or find a way that a cloth napkin or some other item at the restaurant could be used to catch them. I'm just throwing some thoughts out there.
  8. I a different object as an ending. You set them up to expect one thing and they get another (Sponge doughnut, word etc). I also use my color changing sponge ball to make a different color ball appear in their hand.
  9. You both have an excellent point, I typically tender different tricks for different people. Although I do the sponge ball/card routine, typically I go with the classic vanish and reappearance in a spectators hand, It shocks them, the only trouble I have with it is finding an excuse to have them hold a ball in their hand, in their mind (where I live people are overly inquisitive) they say "why would I need to hold one in my hand, couldn't he just have me close my hand and make a ball appear in there?" I've gone with the classic "brother and sister thing, but they don't usually buy it. Any suggestions?

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