Spongeball Battle

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by JPIllusions, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. a spongeball battle. WIth spongeballs


    - 8 tricks limit
    - song is ok
    - title is ok
    - no editing at all

    so kinda like an 8 trick spongeball montage battle. Anyone up for it?
  2. spongeballs are so lame...

  3. Dude, you did not just say that!
  4. Wow. I am going to have to disagree with the statement that spongeballs are lame.

    Spongeballs can get you some of the most KILLER reactions out there. Spectators love them. Any performer who actually uses them will tell you the same.

    I use them all the time. They are great openers to get the spectators loose and comfortable.

    The sleights needed to execute some of the spongeball moves are fun, challenging and can build up your overall ability to perform other sleights.

    Example: Years ago, I was having some trouble learning my retention vanish with a coin. After I started using spongeballs and executing a retention vanish with a spongeball, it became very easy to pull off a retention vanish with a coin.

    Seriously though, you should really think about using spongeballs in some of your routines.

    All of you out there who are thinking that spongeballs are not "cool" or they are lame, or maybe you are afraid they will kill the mysterious emo character you are trying to play, youre missing out.

    You guys can always buy BLACK spongeballs and keep your character. Yes, they come in all kinds of colors including black.


  5. Words of wisdom. I'd be stoked to see you in this battle gerald. Or is it too spongy for you?
  6. It rubbed you the wrong way when you tried the wrong type of vanish. So, take care to use spongeballs for your magic and not for your expectations of what people watching the ass vanish think.

  7. Thanks. I'd like to jump in, I just dont have a camera right now. Weak excuse I know, but it is what it is.

  8. Just take into account that a lot of the strongest minds in magic have a sponge routine. But it's not usually that time consuming.
  9. spongeballs are NOT lame. They rule. Anything that happens in a spectators hands, rules. Plus they are fun to squish and play with lol. Ok so who is up for it? Gerard?
  10. I would dude, but I don't know how to use sponge balls...
  11. do you have any?
  12. You bet. I have four red ones.
  13. haha i love the outrage with the statement that they are lame. Its just an opinon relax guys. I think they are pretty lame because they reall are just the same thing over and over agian.

    "Look i have 1 here and 1 here. OMG now there are 2 here and 0 here". and just variations of that. Sure it gets good reactions, but that doesnt make them not lame. Besides that i seriously doubt that anyone that praticipates in the battle would be filming for an audience. most likely you will be playing with red balls by yourself in your bedroom.

    Bottom line, i wouldnt ever do sponge balls because as a spectator i would laugh at any teenager or grown man that would pull out red squishy balls to perfrom magic.

    just my opinion
  14. Let me point out this little snippet of what you said: "Sure it gets good reactions,..."

    Nuf said.
  15. And so does a magic coloring book or a Svengali Deck. That doesn't mean it's not lame.

  16. Ohhhhhh no you didn't!!!
  17. please tell me you're not serious. I'll set aside the fact that you argue like a teenage girl, but do you actually like svengali decks and magic coloring books? wow.
  18. YOU my good (read silly) man are what is lame.
  19. the magic coloring book if my favorite trick of all time!!!

    (just kidding)
  20. svengali decks are pretty usefull actually... I mean what do you like? I suppose maybe card magic??? Yah i'm gonna bet. It seems to me like a lot of hardcore card magicians don't appreciate other forms of magic. Like xcm artists don't appreaciete magic. No matter what materials your using, it's what happens with them that's cool. and my video will have live performances, i use them all the time live. Magic coloring books and svengali decks and spongeballs are "close up or Parlour" magic. It's just another form of magic apart from whatever street magic you like to do. And i love street magic. But w/e what i'm looking for here is a challenger not someone to argue with. Apologies to Donkey for the argument.

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