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  1. Hey guys this thought has cross my mind a few times in the past couple of weeks and i was just wondering if there was a such thing like as a magic sponsorship kinda like how skate boarding sponsorships happen but like for magic obviously its seems like a pretty good though for an up and comer who is less privileged right? just a thought
  2. Depends what kinda sponsorships - I have a clothing sponsor as I perform mainly at alt/goth/rock events who make horror movie themed shirts, etc based over there in the States! :)

    As far as getting free magic, often if you work with magic companies, in anyway they'll give you free stuff :)


  3. Business pervades just about every aspect of society, and certainly every industry. And where there's business, sponsorship is possible. It's not the most done thing in history, but as Dee mentions, it's possible.
  4. i wouldnt mind getting free cards
    but im sure you can get sponsored. bands get sponsored, sports get sponsored, craft fairs and what not get sponsored.
    but you would have to be pretty popular i think. but it might be nice to try.
  5. You don't have to be majorly popular - Just be able to get their product in front of the right people a lot.

    Think about what you can do for the company and then think about pitching your idea.


  6. Ed Ellis worked for Gatorz clothing line while doing magic at Hilton Head. They supplied him with dress shirts, t-shirts, sunglasses, hats etc. if that is what he would wear during all of his gigs down there. It was a good deal.
  7. I recall in one of Simon Lovell's videos he mentioned that he uses regular blue/red bicycle cards the most when he performs, because Bicycle sponsors him. He gets them for free.
  8. what i meant was like decks and gimmicks and coins n what not but dee seemed to have cleared it up

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