Spooky Halloween themed tricks?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Gr33nSn0w, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Hello, This is my first time posting here so sorry if this is already up.

    Today i just felt like the mood to create a new trick so heres the big question.
    Can you describe a card trick that could be linked to a spooky or Halloween related story?
    I don't want anything that you cant buy and no gaffs or doubles. just something i can do with pure sleights.

    Just describe a trick that is realistic and can be related to a scary story and i wil try and make it. :D
  2. I am thinking about it as well!
    A good one can be used to participate D&D's Halloween contest :).
  3. They have a contest there?
    Cool, maybe i'll enter :)
  4. some kind of haunted pack trick. an impromptu one is daniel garcias "motion".
  5. No Doubles, Just Pure Sleights...:confused:
  6. I mean like gaff or two copies of cards.
  7. I use Danny Garcias nacho momma triumph but I use a ghost deck and just say oh the reason they looked like the (red, blue, black whatever contrast card you had before the color change) was because they are ghost cards and then show them the ace of spades.
  8. You're talking about dupes (duplicate cards) - that should make it clear. :)
  9. Thanks for all your posts, but i think you misunder stood the question. I don't want an trick that you can buy I just want you to describe something that hasn't been made yet so i can try to create a similar effect.
  10. HEHEHEHEHE, but if we told you an effect that we thought of and then you come up with a method you get the credit. Not to sound like a cynic but I'll keep effect ideas neatly tucked away in my brain and journals.

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