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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Ned Devine, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. just as the title says, I’m looking for Spoon Bending information.

    Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to learn this and never got around to it.

    I like the idea of a 100% gimmickless, impromptu spoon bend.

    Show up pick up spoon and bend it. I think it would be a great addition to my walk around set. I am looking for a nice introduction to spoonbending.

    I will continue to search but figured I could ask for some help narrowing it down.

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. While not gimmickless, check out Deformer from Menny Lindenfeld. Amazingly simple utility device hiding in plain sight that can be used for all sorts of bending.

    The neck twist spoon is my favourite and leaves most peoples jaw on the floor trying to figure it out.

    Scam School has a master class in wrench bending from Dennis Rogers. While I don't have it myself, I imagine if you can learn to bend a wrench, the techniques could be adapted to spoons or other metal objects.
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  3. Banachek's PK Silverware is a really good resource. Liquid Metal is more for forks but the principles that don't involve the tines can be applied to spoons. You can do a lot of fun bends with the fork tines though.
    The neck twist can be done gimmickless with the right finger strength and technique.

    Also, wrench bending is very different from silverware bending. Wrench bending is a feat of strength, kinda like tearing a phone book. It's not really magical as it looks like you're doing exactly what you're doing, you're bending the wrench with your strength. I'm not really sure the techniques are really the same.

    Metal bending in magic is a little more subtle. Anyone can physically bend a fork at the neck if they try hard enough so just presenting it as a feat of strength wouldn't really be all that impressive. Ungimmicked metal bending, without giving too much away, is a slow reveal of a bend, so it seems like the bending is happening right in front of them or sometimes right in their hands (as one would do with a neck twist). There are a lot of very important subtleties to metal bending just in terms of hand movement that really sell the illusion.
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  4. Thank you for the information! Sorry for the huge delay in response from me. I got busy at the business and it’s finally slowing down. Thank you again!
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  5. Really good info I’ll do a lot more research and take your tif bits to heart. I really adore it :)
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  6. Happy to help!
  7. I don’t know why no one has mentioned Bend by Menny Lindenfeld which is available for download right here on this site?!?

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