Spotting a fake Bicycle Deck

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  1. Hello, I recently bought 4 decks of standard Bikes... Now I don't know if they are real. First of all, these are the first Bicycle Decks for me, so I can't tell difference in feel or anything. Here's the thing, when I try to faro shuffle, it needs extreme pressure, and if I do put the strength the cards' sides just peel.. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. I just had this happen to me oddly. At least in my case, I'm pretty sure the cards are real but I got used to Faro'ing in a particular direction with other/better decks, that it was difficult for me to do it with the cheaper standard Bicycle decks.

    The topic of "Faro direction" is one that I don't understand very well. I just know that some decks Faro better when the deck is face up or face down. Maybe someone else here can elaborate.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I have tried faroing like a billion eighty different ways but nothing man.. The sides of the cards keep getting peeled.
  4. Could you please post pictures of the box from different angles?
  5. deck.jpg deck.jpg deck1.jpg deck2.jpg deck3.jpg deck4.jpg deck5.jpg deck6.jpg
  6. 100% legit.

    Bicycle decks are not super commonly knocked off. Why? If you successfully create a knockoff that looks good enough to sell, what do you make? $1-3, max. There is no major market for it. There are some overseas knockoffs, but you can usually tell. Misspelled words, poor design, etc.

    If you are going to knock off a deck, you need to be able to make money. The decks that are most often knocked off are things like Jerry's Nuggets, where a single deck goes for several hundred dollars.

    Why do they faro poorly? Most USPC printed decks are cut in such a way that the faro is not easily performed. There are many decks out there that are cut specifically so that you can faro easier. It has to do with the cut edge of the decks and the angles you get by cutting different ways. A faro is not something most decks were designed to do, though you can coax most decks into doing it with practice. Bicycle Standard are affordable, no-nonsense decks that have zero "features". They aren't going to have any sort of special stock or finish, no special cuts, no embossing, debossing, foil, etc on the tuck case, no custom faces, etc. Those as as plain of a decent quality deck as you will ever find.

    // L
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  7. That was detailed. Thank you, man. As I explained I had no idea about the feel of bicycle cards or anything, so that's why I asked.. Thanks again!
  8. You probably need to break in the deck first, it will help faro better.

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