SS, Stinger, or S&M deck?

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  1. im planning to buy 6 same decks tomorrow so i can get 10% off, i searched some articles about the decks, and im left with choices of buying 6 split-spades, or 6 S&M. Which one should i get tomorrow?
  2. It's your choice, but I can tell you one thing. If I were you, I wouldn't buy dan and dave mirror decks. It looks cool, but after few faros and flourishes. The edge of cards on the back will chipped off white.
  3. true, that's 1 down for S&M then
  4. i would buy the S&M before they are out of stock. they wont have those forever like the split spades which you can get later on in life
  5. im not here to care about card's rareity, im here to ask which one i should get for goodness of cards, they both good for flourishing and magic, i only have 1 down for S&M so far.
  6. Get the S&M deck, I love them and the Mirrors do turn white but it doesn't really detract from its floruishing abilities.
  7. 10% is a savings of about $3-$3.60 depending on the deck.

    I'd just get a variety of decks, try them all and judge which one you like best - then buy a brick of those when you're ready.

    To me, the $3 difference is worth getting to try different decks and not getting stuck with 6 decks of something you don't like - maybe 1 each of the SS, 1S & 2M (or a stinger instead if you haven't tried them.)
  8. Split Spades are fine, I have no complaints. Stingers were my go to deck when I was out of stock of my favorite cards to use. Which brings me to S&M, which in fact ARE my favorite decks to use. The best performing decks I have. Just bought 2 bricks when I last had the chance, because they sell out so fast. They are already gone on

    If I had the choice, I would get S&M. Stingers if you for some reason don't like the idea of S&M, they are nearly comparable and are my favorite T11 deck.
  9. Well I pretty much agree with LyleBorders..... A friend of mine has some s&m decks and I was able to try em' out for a bit. And I must say that they are my most favorite deck that I've held. I currently have some split spades and I've got nothing negative to point out. I'd say its a solid deck for five bucks. Also dan and daves cards go quick so I'd pick up a couple if i were you and I even purchased a couple myself. Hope this helps and have fun deciding what you want. Cheers!!

  10. here's a quick little list of what you're looking at:
    look of the deck
    handling of the deck
    how long the deck lasts

    now i have had all 3 of these decks, and although i would say that split spades have a smoother feel, and last an amazingly long time ( i spread mine in snow.. and they are still amazing (i wouldn't recommend spreading cards in snow though, i just could because i ordered a ton.)) ANYWAYS, back on topic, split spades are an amzing deck of cards, then there is smoke and mirrors... visually appealing, the mirror deck looks amazing , definately my favorite deck for flourishing. I would pick smokes for magic, not because mirrors have black borders( it doesnt make much of a difference), but because they just come accross as more "natural" cards to perform with.

    Bee stingers, i must say, i killed these rather fast, but while they lasted, they felt pretty good, i mainly am not a fan of the bee design however.

    so now, overall i would recommend smoke and mirrors more, and mirrors more than smoke if you're going for: flourishing, smoke more than mirror if you are going for: magic
    and both if you're looking to collect decks

    Split spades are a great all around deck, so if u find yourself performing magic, but practicing flourishing, go for these, they do last really long, so you don't have to worry about them dieing because you practiced with them.

    hope it helped
  11. i bought 6 blue split spades =) no regrets, haha
  12. Is it possible to purchase 1st editions from somewhere? I HATE the black borders of the 2nd edition mirrors.. it prevents you from mixing the cards together for an example on chicago opener.. it would so great to do that trick with the 1st editions..

  13. Hey you mean 3rd Editions right? 1st editions, Special Editions (2nd edition), and Luxury Editions (3rd Editions). 1st and 2nd editions have white borders. Luxury Editions have black borders.

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