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  1. I'm looking into getting into card stacks/systems and after doing some preliminary research I'm looking for some advice on what to focus on, right now I'm split between wanting to work on either the Aronson stack or the Osterlind system. I do like gambling routines, which favors Aronson, but it seems like the Osterlind system is a little more flexible and easy to memorize.
  2. I would say don't worry too much about it. Pick whichever one looks like it will suit your specific needs best and know that it will do almost anything else you want as well. I use Mnemonica just because I think it looks well mixed and how relates to new deck order, though I memorized it with a different suit order because of this. But that's just what's important to me, beyond that it's mostly interchangeable with others. From what you say above, you might want to check out Redford as it is also very flexible. I would take a look at the poker deals and tell you how they look, but I seem to have misplaced my copy of Temporarily Out of Order. As I recall there are some decent ones in there.

    Just decide what you want most and don't worry about the rest. But if you plan to always use that stack and you like to try out things on your friends then you will want one that looks really well mixed. If it is for a more random audience then it won't matter if 3 of the first 5 cards are the same value...

    There were a collection of somewhat random thoughts on different stacks in this thread:

    When I learned a stack I first memorized the order of the cards but I felt that was a waste of time. Memorize which card is at which number, this is what is useful about stacks. You already know the order of the numbers. You do not need to know the order of the cards, just their numeric values.
  3. Hello! I agree with David on all matters.

    my two cents however, I think it was Ortiz that said it does not matter what stack you memorize as long as you memorize one. I would suggest learning something quite simple that does not require memorization (Si Stebbins) first and then if you like that style of magic then go ahead and memorize a stack... memorize stebbins! it does not really matter as long as you have it memorized cold.

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