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  1. Hello. I want to start to work at weddings as a magician, and I was thinking to begin with a stage act of about 20 minutes and after that to do some close-up magic for about an hour. Now I have a problem. I only do closeup magic and I want to ask you all for an advice. What visual tricks to perform on stage? Please, if you have any ideas post a link also. Thank you.


    P.S.: I thought about David Copperfield's Slow-Mo duck.
  2. Well I'm guessing that you're not going to pursue stage magic after this. In that case, you can adapt many of your close up effects to work on stage. For example:

    Las Vegas Leaper
    Professor's Nightmare
    Invisible Deck
    Card to Orange

    Or you can do something as simple as hiding a duplicate under someone's seat and forcing that card.
  3. Think about that I won't have a big screen or something like that, so I'm looking for very visual effects which can be seen from big distances.
  4. All the routines i have mentioned can be seen from a long distance without a big screen (unless you're performing for 1000+ people)

    If you want visual stage tricks, you can invest in a vanishing or appearing cane. Or you can get an expensive stage illusion such as the Zig-Zag box if you have the money.

    I would also like to point out the magic is not always about visual tricks. I can get just a great of a reaction with the invisible deck than i can with the clipshift. And the ID is 100 times easier.
  5. Mac King says it himself, his whole show is a close up magic showen on stage.
  6. Thanks guys, I'll see what I can use :)

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