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  1. Needless to say one of the best and most respected stage effects are vanishes. Does anyone know the specific names and creators of any vanishes that they would recomend. If you know the origination that would be great but I just want to know the name of some stage vanishes. Much appreciated
  2. It really depends on what you're trying to vanish. If you're trying to vanish a manipulation object (cards, balls, coins) then you can use slieght of hand. If you're trying to vanish small objects like a cane you can buy a simple prop. But if you wanna vanish large things like people or animals, you would need to buy some expensive illusion props.

    However, if you ever study more in depth stage magic, you will learn that appearances far outshine vanishes on stage. This is because vanish are expected to happen. If you're covering something up, it's very obvious the things is going to vanish. However, not many people are able to anticipate an appearance. Therefore appearances of people or objects are much more surprising and will keep the audience interested.

    If you watch any good award winning stage magicians, you will find that whenever they make something appear, people usually clap louder, and then the magician may put the prop away or use it further. However, if you ever see anyone vanish anything on stage (which they rarely do) you might find the applause is not as good and there's an anticlimax in the whole routine, because the vanish was too predictable.

    Of course, there are exceptions of this rule. Vanishing small objects like balls or cards are good, but most stage manipulators will vanish the object and then make them appear again. Things like the vanishing cane is also a good vanish, because it does not literally vanish the object, it transforms it into silks or confetti, which is still an appearance, so it's usable. Of course, if you can vanish a group of people or a large animal then i'm sure the crowd will go wild.

    Those are simply my views on vanishing and appearing stuff on stage. I have watched and studied many stage acts including ones of the most respected magicians and those are the things that i have found. I hope you take the time to read and consider my points.
  3. If you want a cheep self vanish... Then go for Black Art Illusion ;) :D
  4. Thanks very much for your comments, I agree on the appearence over a vanish. I wouldn't mind suggestions of either. If you could would you mind posting a link to any effects you have in mind? Thanks very much.
  5. Check out Illusion FX by Andrew Mayne. It's a whole video on black art illusions. Also, you can get Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. He teaches lot of easy to build illusions that cost almost no money.
  6. Thanks very much!

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