Standard Bee's Vs. Casino Bee's Vs. Wynn's

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by quick_trick, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi every one, long time reader - first time poster, lol

    I was just wondering if there was much if any difference between the Bee decks. I have only owned 2 x Bee Club Special (normal Bee's) and because of the lack of white border I only use them for practice. These cards are awesome though. Months old now they still fan with no clumping, the stock is the same thickness as normal bikes but much stiffer - they're just better cards for the same price. Living in Australia, decks are more expensive and harder to come by and I can't buy cards are often as I like. I have access to the Bee Casino pack which has 2x decks with white borders which look similar to the Wynn design but it says "Bee" instead of Wynn and the backs have the standard thatch design instead of the solid colour as on the Wyyns. But nowhere to buy Wynns - which I hear are THE cards to use for practice and performing.

    So if anyone has had any experience or knows much about these decks, your information would be appresiated.
  2. Im pretty sure wynn = bee
  3. Wrong forum, should be in Prroduct Discussions.

    Refering to your question, unless it's just overhyping, but I'm guessing Wynns are better because t11 loves them so much.
  4. Wynns are Casino Bee's from the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas so technically they are Casino Bee's. Also I believe Bee's are made for Casinos.

    Correct me if I'm wrong though,

  5. yeah, they're only called "Bees" because that's the company that made them.

    it's like saying what is the difference between this minivan and that truck, because they're both "Fords".

    Wynn decks suck goats at fanning or any sort of spreads, they clump all over the place even brand new right out of the box.

    but Wynn decks are great at making money for the companys that hype them, so that's why you hear they're so awesome.

    they'll work fine for beginner magic and they do look pretty cool having the distinctive solid color back.
  6. I agree and disagree with you.

    I agree because the brown Wynns do Not fan well nor do the red Wynns. However, the red Wynns handle very nicely for cuts and flourishes. (That's just my opinion)

    I disagree, though, because if you have ever handled a deck of purple or more widely known as blue Wynns then you would know that the purple Wynns fan very nicely. (Once again, my opinion)

  7. I still can't get my hands on any type of Wynns! I feel left out...
  8. i don't own any wynn's because I personally think they're overhyped. Jerry's (another deck I've never even touched) make sense to me because they have different finishes on the front and back; they can't ever be reproduced for all sorts of reasons. Jerry's are unique. bee wynns on the other hand probably got famous because they where one of the first casino decks you could get your hands on without searching extensively. I own lots of turcoise bahamar casino decks which is my go-to for basically everything.
  9. Thread closed. This thread was over a decade old - lets try not to bump old threads. Post a new thread if you have a question.


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